The Clever Pie Slicing Hack You Need To Know About

Does your first cut into an apple or pecan pie tend to crumble on its way to the plate? Do you fear your family and guests will disown you if you don't produce an Instagram-worthy slice? While this might seem unreasonable to some, home bakers know that nearly every pie must donate its first slice in order to absorb the brunt of the mess. That way, the rest of the pie can be nicely sliced.

If you have been struggling to eliminate the need for sacrificial slices, you are not alone. Many bakers have been looking for one of those pie hacks where no sleight of hand or finesse of the wrist is needed. However, we won't need to practice knife skills for hours or take lessons from the likes of Bobby Flay for this trick. It's the kind of hack that's so unfussy and foolproof that we will all feel foolish for not coming up with it ourselves. Sometimes, a simple kitchen hack is just, well, absolutely brilliant.

According to America's Test Kitchen, there is one easy way to cut your pie that will change your life. (Okay, maybe it's not that important, but it's helpful.)

Easy as (a slice of) pie

Before slicing, score three cuts into the pie. Begin as if you are slicing one piece, then add a third slit for the second piece. This particular slit will loosen the contents and create space for movement when you slide out the first slice. In other words, cut two slices and serve the first. Now, it will be as easy as pie (yep, I went there) to serve a flawless slice.

Also, good culinary tools are key, says Christie Morrison, an instructor at America's Test Kitchen. Use a pie server that is sturdy enough to allow you to easily slide under the pie slice to then lift it up without falling apart. This trick has already shown to be a success in home kitchens. On America's Test Kitchen's Facebook page, one home baker commented: "Believe it or not, this really does work! Really well with quiche too."

Ready to serve

The food service industry uses a similar method, which is cutting the pie slices ahead of time. Doing so allows the pie to air out and makes serving easier, says food educator and professional chef Pam Parseghian, who coordinates food projects for homeless emergency shelters in Philadelphia. Home bakers, however, won't need to cut pie slices until ready to serve.

While this tip is helpful and takes the pressure off the slice, Parseghian has another tip: Take the pressure off the baker and don't sweat it. As both a professional and home baker, Parseghian knows that what's really important "is how the pie tastes. Most people are happy I am baking for them and don't care if it falls apart a little."

Another tip from the folks at Kansas-based Tippin's Pies: Place your pie in the freezer for 15 to 30 minutes — just long enough to chill it (not freeze) before cutting. This will keep it firm.

With these helpful tips in mind, your pie serving skills will be on a whole new level!