Instagram Is Loving Sunny Anderson's Star-Studded Throwback Pic

Throwback Thursday, a weekly internet "holiday" in which people post photos from their past online, might be one of the longest-running social media trends. Know Your Meme reports that some of the earliest mentions of the alliteration on the web date as far back as 2006. However, it wasn't until Instagram's rise to popularity in 2011 that the cyber-fad picked up steam. Now, uploads containing the hashtags #throwbackthursday or its acronym "#tbt" make up a combined total of 648 million posts on the platform as of this writing.

This week, Sunny Anderson was one of the thousands of Instagrammers to get in on the Throwback Thursday craze with a star-studded snap that has fans talking for more reasons than one. Taking to her account on May 5, the lively chef posted a photo of herself striking a sassy pose in the middle of an extravagant staircase while her fellow Food Network stars Scott Conant, Marcus Samuelsson, Bobby Flay, and Geoffrey Zakarian – all dressed in their Sunday best – descended the steps behind her. "This one time (at band camp), me and my cheffy bros got all dolled up and walked down gilded steps," the co-host of "The Kitchen" began the upload's lengthy caption in which she told a hilarious story about the night the "iconic photo" was taken. Anderson's post was a huge hit, amassing more than 9,000 likes as of this writing. However, as followers soon realized, there is much more to the image than what meets the eye.

Sunny Anderson's throwback pic isn't quite what it seems

You might not think twice about Sunny Anderson's Throwback Thursday Instagram post from yesterday afternoon. After all, a number of her followers didn't seem to find anything wrong. "Beautiful! You guys are such fun!" one person wrote in the comments section of the upload. "Is this the next OCEANS ELEVEN movie??" quipped another fan. However, as one eagle-eyed Instagrammer pointed out, the image wasn't quite as it seemed. "This is hilarious. Sunny added herself in. Love this," user @cvoid wrote. Anderson denied the claim, replying "I don't know what you're talking about," but in reality, the fan hit the nail on the head. The "Spring Baking Championship" host did, in fact, edit herself front and center into the image of her dapperly-dressed fellow chefs, which was originally posted to chef Geoffrey Zakarian's Instagram page earlier in the day.

Fortunately, Zakarian was a good sport about Anderson's hijacking of his own throwback post. "Amazing! [Your] version is better than mine sunny!!" he commented, while Marcus Samuelsson said the photo was "soo good." Scott Conant, meanwhile, played along with Anderson's joke, writing, "Best Vegas trip ever Sunny!!" along with three red heart emojis.

There was one unhappy fan, however. "Why wasn't I invited??" wrote Bobby Flay's pet cat, Nacho Flay. Perhaps if we're lucky, we'll get an updated version of the image featuring both Anderson and Nacho when the next Throwback Thursday comes around.