20 Insomnia Cookies Ranked Worst To Best

Insomnia Cookies has been delighting taste buds and indulging late-night cravings since it was founded by Seth Berkowitz in 2003. Berkowitz was a student at the University of Pennsylvania when he began the cookie delivery business out of his dorm room. Since then the company has outgrown the dorm room, though its stores still tend to pop up around college campuses, and has spread to over 100 locations. Cookies can be picked up or delivered fresh and warm to your door. And if you are not lucky enough to live near an Insomnia Cookies location, you can order from the brand's website. The company now offers cookies, brownies, and ice cream, all of which can be delivered or picked up until three o'clock in the morning. No one will ever have to go to bed without milk and cookies again!

Insomnia Cookies offers a wide range of flavors from the classic standbys of chocolate chip and snickerdoodle to seasonal flavors, such as berries and cream, to vegan and gluten-free offerings. With all these choices it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily we have you covered. Here we will rank all the Insomnia Cookies from worst to best so that you find the perfect cookie to satisfy your late-night sweet tooth.

20. Sugar

Well, one of them had to be last, and unfortunately for the Sugar cookie, it is them. It might be one of the most boring cookies we have had. There is nothing on top or mixed in to elevate it. The cookie is simply a plain, sweet dough and not a particularly good one, at that. When there is nothing else to lend itself to the cookie, it is then entirely reliant on the flavor and texture to make it stand out. In this sugar cookie, neither one does the job. The dough seems to beg for some other flavor. It does not taste particularly of anything and instead feels like a blank slate ready to become some other kind of cookie.

It is not all bad, though. The cookie has a crunchy outside paired with a soft inside. This is always a strong base for a cookie, leading to a not unpleasant texture. It is, perhaps, a bit crumbly at times and verges on sandy. For the price of an individual cookie, you would likely be better off going to the grocery store and getting a whole pack of cookies. Or better yet, pick from one of Insomnia Cookies' better flavors.

19. Snickerdoodle

How do you make a snickerdoodle boring? The people at Insomnia Cookies have done it. Their Snickerdoodle cookie is incredibly flat and thin. We are not entirely sure why, as it seemed much thinner than their other cookies. The cookies are covered in a cinnamon-sugar mixture, which seems light on the cinnamon. And that is not the only place the flavor took a surprising turn.

There is a weird tangy aftertaste that is not pleasant. We suspect it is supposed to be reminiscent of the tang snickerdoodles typically get from cream of tartar, an ingredient in the classic snickerdoodle. Unfortunately, this flavor is more powerful than the cinnamon sugar on top, which is a real shame. For a cookie known for being spicy, sweet, and mildly tangy, it really only accomplishes one out of three. Overall this just is not one of Insomnia Cookies' better offerings. It is boring and uninspired.

18. Classic with M&M's

To start with the good, Insomnia Cookies does not skimp on the M&M's in this cookie. The Classic With MnM's cookies are a plain sugar cookie base packed full of the candy-coated chocolate morsels. They even go so far as to add chocolate chips in with the M&M's! They are easily leaps and bounds above the boring, old sugar cookie and still more exciting than Insomnia Cookies' snickerdoodle.

It would be hard to beat a classic chocolate chunk cookie, even with the addition of bright, colorful candy shells but this one does not even come close. While the candies are plentiful, their colorful coating adds an off sort of taste. They are not entirely unpleasant, but especially when tried alongside things like the chocolate chunk, the flavor of the candy coating becomes the prominent flavor. These cookies would likely be better suited for children or those with an affinity for M&M's than for the casual cookie taster.

17. Vegan Birthday Cake

Coming in as the lowest ranking vegan offering is the Vegan Birthday Cake cookie. We appreciate Insomnia Cookies' dedication to vegan options, of which they have four regularly appearing flavors, but the Vegan Birthday Cake is not the best. It seems they just took a vegan vanilla cookie and threw some sprinkles in it and called it a day. According to their ingredient list, the cookie does include "natural cake batter flavor" but, quite honestly, we are not entirely sure what that is supposed to taste like. Additionally, the cookie itself was dry and crumbly, not what we would expect from a birthday cake cookie. This cookie does not rise to the level of their non-vegan confetti cookie, which closely resembles the Vegan Birthday Cake with the sprinkles but also has the addition of white chocolate chunks.

Overall, while we are glad to see decent vegan cookie offerings from a national chain, especially ones that are not charged at a surplus, this cookie is just decent.

16. Deluxe Triple Chocolate

This is the lowest ranking of the Deluxe cookie offering from Insomnia Cookies. Deluxe cookies are "more" in every sense. They are bigger, they have more mix-ins, and they cost more than their classic cookies. We did like this cookie but we did not love this cookie and for all the hype, did not find it lived up to its "deluxe" title.

The Triple Chocolate cookie has a butter cookie base with, as the name implies, three types of chocolate, including regular chocolate chunks, Hershey's Milk chocolate, and milk chocolate chunks. While the chips and chunks in this cookie are good, there is not a lot of variety, with two types of add-ins being milk chocolate. There is no dark chocolate or white chocolate. Honestly, aside from the larger size, the Deluxe Triple Chocolate is not all that distinct from the classic Chocolate Chunk. We like the cookie, but for the extra price and hype, these really do not live up to the expectation.

15. Deluxe Salted Caramel

Following ever so slightly ahead of the Deluxe Chocolate Chunk is another Deluxe pick, the Salted Caramel. This cookie starts with the sugar cookie base and includes caramel bits and Heath toffee bits to jazz it up. Due to the toffee bits in it, this cookie does contain nut products. The company website pitches the Salted Caramel cookie as "indulgent" and, while this is true, we think "sticky" might have been a better word.

This is definitely a sweet cookie, with two types of gummy sugar bits in it. And it may act like glue on your teeth a little bit. We do not recommend it for those who have braces on their teeth. Thankfully, there is a slight hint of salt in the mixture, which helps to keep it from becoming cloying while you try to get all of the caramel and toffee out of your teeth. Overall, while we liked this cookie, we did not love its stickiness and felt that it could have been a bit more salted.

14. Vegan Chocolate Chunk

This Vegan Chocolate Chunk cookie from Insomnia Cookies features a vegan butter cookie base, as well as vegan chocolate chunks. The cookie spread very thin and its footprint ended up larger than some of the other classic cookies but overall we were impressed by how well it held together. The flavor of this cookie is unimposing. In fact, we wish it imposed upon us a little bit more. The vegan chocolate chunks were okay but lacked the depth of chocolatey goodness we were hoping for. The batter too was okay. A touch of molasses added a nice chocolate chip cookie flavor to this non-dairy butter cookie. 

As vegan chocolate chunk cookies go, this one is pretty decent but of all of the cookies offered by Insomnia Cookies, it is not one of the better ones. We want a bit more flavor, some better chocolate, and something to help prevent the cookie from spreading quite as much.

13. Chocolate Chunk

The classic. What cookie company worth their salt could get away with not having a chocolate chunk offering? Insomnia Cookies' Chocolate Chunk cookie features a butter cookie base and milk chocolate chunks. We will not sugarcoat this: it is not an extraordinary chocolate chip cookie. That is not to say it is bad but we were really hoping for a bit more from this classic creation.

The chunks are plentiful but because they opted to use a milk chocolate instead of a richer dark chocolate, the cookie ends up being very mildly flavored and sweet. One commenter from Trip Advisor went so far as to call it "bland." That being said, if we were offered this cookie, we would not turn it down. It does offer a crunchy outside and chewy inside, which is exactly what we want from our chocolate chunk cookies. It is sweet and, while mild, it is not an unpleasant cookie.

12. Gluten Free Chocolate Chunk

As you may have noticed, this is the highest-ranking among Insomnia Cookies' basic chocolate chunk cookies. There is the Vegan Chocolate Chunk, a Deluxe Triple Chocolate, the classic Chocolate Chunk, and now this Gluten-Free Chocolate Chunk cookie. We really liked this cookie. It is vegan, as well as gluten-free but, weirdly, the gluten-free flour seems to have fixed the spreading issue that they had with the straight vegan chocolate chunk cookie. This cookie is a little crunchier than the others but not overly so. And, honestly, we found the crunch to be quite pleasant. 

The dairy-free chocolate chips seemed to taste a little darker than the milk chocolate ones used in the Chocolate Chunk cookie, with a richer chocolate flavor. Plus, this cookie has the advantage of avoiding many major allergies and dietary restrictions. Who could ask for more? Of Insomnia Cookies' Chocolate Chunk cookies, this is our favorite.

11. Confetti Deluxe

This is a sweet, big cookie. The Confetti Deluxe uses the sugar cookie base, which we are not super fond of, but decks it out in all sorts of ways to give it the deluxe feel. It includes festive rainbow sprinkles and white chocolate chips. Whatever party is happening, it is dressed for the occasion. But does the taste deliver?

Overall, we would say yes. It is sweet, possibly too sweet, but you know going into this kind of cookie you are here for a sugar blast. The sugar cookie base works well dolled up with the creamy white chocolate chunks and the sprinkles add fun pops of color. It looks similar to the Vegan Birthday Cake but is so much better. Our main complaint is that they did not do anything to the dough. It is just their typical sugar cookie and, while it works here, an additional flavor would have helped land it in the top 10 of this list

10. Peanut Butter Chip

The Peanut Butter Chip cookie is delicious. The cookie itself is made of a peanut butter base, and peanut butter chips are scattered throughout the cookie. We appreciate that the first ingredient in this cookie is peanut butter. Insomnia Cookies does not skimp on their mix-ins. Just like with their chocolate chips, you likely will not find a bite without a peanut butter chip. And if somehow you do, the dough itself is peanut buttery enough to get you to the next bite.

We know it might sound like heresy to rank a peanut butter cookie above a chocolate chunk, but hear us out; this is a really good cookie. It is chewy but crispy, the flavor is spot on, and the peanut butter chunks add a satisfying flavor punch to the peanut buttery smoothness of the cookie base. We could not ask for a better cookie.

9. Deluxe Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

But of course, just because we could not ask for a better cookie does not mean there are not any. What could make a peanut butter cookie even better? Chocolate, of course. From the Deluxe cookie menu, Insomnia Cookies brings us the Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup. This delicious confection combines a rich peanut butter cookie and broken pieces of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups into a decadent and luxurious cookie.

This cookie is truly fantastic. But you do not have to take just our word for it. Reviewers on Trip Advisor locations in Wisconsin and New York rave about the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie. As a member of the Deluxe cookie offerings, this cookie is also quite big, making it all the better for holding those hefty chunks of peanut butter cup without them totally overtaking the delicious base of the cookie. This cookie is sure to be a favorite among those who try it.

8. White Chocolate Macadamia

Another classic flavor combo, this cookie is done right by Insomnia Cookies. The White Chocolate Macadamia comes packed with white chocolate chunks and bits of macadamia nut throughout. The dough, which we thought would be just the sugar cookie base, offers a pleasant surprise in a subtle hint of coconut. We are glad to see Insomnia cookies elevating its dough in this way instead of just leaving a plain sugar cookie base. The addition of the coconut really helps tie the flavors together and gives the cookie a relaxed, tropical feel.

The crunch of the macadamia nut is lovely and subtle in such a way that it does not overshadow the white chocolate, instead allowing the creamy white chocolate to play off its crunch. The coconut does not come off as overpowering in the way that coconut sometimes can; but instead is just a subtle flavor in the background, working to highlight the main two flavors of this cookie in perfect harmony. This reviewer from Trip advisor said it best, "yum!"

7. Deluxe Oatmeal Chocolate Walnut

This was another cookie that came from behind and surprised us. Oatmeal cookies are not always good, but this one really is. The Oatmeal Chocolate Walnut cookie features chunks of milk chocolate and walnuts. Once again, they include ample amounts of each add in but do not make the chunks too big. It is still possible to take reasonable bites of this deluxe sized cookie and get pieces of both chocolate and walnut.

The real star of this cookie is the oatmeal base, though. It is a smidge on the dryer side, which happens sometimes with oatmeal cookies, but it has a little cinnamon kick to it which really brightens the flavor of the whole cookie. The cinnamon, while not overpowering, is very present and noticeable. It is too bad the cinnamon could not be that present in Insomnia's Snickerdoodle cookie, but at least we have this cookie for our cinnamony needs.

6. Double Chocolate Chunk

We love a good chocolate cookie base, and this is a good chocolate cookie base. The Double Chocolate Chunk cookie has a deep chocolaty base with chunks of milk chocolate mixed in the cookie dough. It is a chocolate lover's dream put into cookie form. It is a little crispy at the edge but fudgy in the middle. It gives off a very "edge piece of brownie" flavor and we are very here for it.

We do have some questions for Insomnia Cookies based on the fact that this Double Chocolate Chunk cookie is much more chocolatey than the Deluxe Triple Chocolate cookie. One would think that the Triple Chocolate would have a more intense chocolate flavor than the Double Chocolate but, alas, it does not. But we will let the naming issue slide for now because we really enjoyed this cookie that doesn't skimp on the chocolate.

5. Oatmeal Raisin

Oatmeal Raisin cookies often get some flack. They are not chocolate chip cookies and if you are reaching for chocolate chip and get oatmeal raisin, of course, you are going to be disappointed. Anyone would be. But if, on the other hand, you want an oatmeal raisin, you do not want to bite into a dry, crumbly cookie. You want an oatmeal cookie that means business, an oatmeal cookie that knows what it is doing and does it well. This is that cookie.

This Oatmeal Raisin cookie features that delicious slightly cinnamony oatmeal base that was in that Oatmeal Chocolate Walnut cookie. It might have to do with this cookie being smaller, but we found the base of this cookie actually stayed chewier than the Oatmeal Chocolate Walnut, which got a bit dry and crumbly. The molasses in the dough adds a nice, rounded sweetness and the raisins are chewy (not at all tough or leathery, as too-dry raisins can be) and pair nicely with the dough.

4. Deluxe S'mores

It is flavors like this where Insomnia Cookies really starts to shine. First, this cookie comes with a rich chocolate cookie base. This is a phenomenal cookie base and was used for our top two picks. The S'mores cookie itself has chocolate chunks mixed in, as well as marshmallow bits and crushed graham crackers. The marshmallows, according to their nutritional guide, do not contain any gelatin and are suitable for vegetarians, which is not a given when it comes to marshmallows.

So why doesn't it rank even higher? For one, the marshmallow is quite chewy, making the cookie hard to eat. Additionally, while we know there is graham cracker in it, we really could not discern the taste or texture of graham cracker while we were eating it. While Insomnia Cookies is usually generous with its mix-ins, here they are slightly lacking. Compared to other S'more cookies such as the Girl Scout S'more cookie, there just is not a lot of graham cracker at all. The richness, and softness of the cookie, along with the prominent flavor of chocolate really make it feel more like a hot chocolate cookie. Not bad, but definitely not what it was being sold as.

3. Berries N' Cream

Insomnia seems to have fun with their seasonal cookies. One of its latest flavors, which makes its appearance in the spring, is the Berries N' Cream. This cookie features the sugar cookie base which is not our favorite from Insomnia Cookies. The stars of this show are the three dried berries added to the mixture. Dried pieces of strawberries, cranberries, as well as raspberry flakes are scattered throughout the dough, giving a pop of berry flavor to each bite. And that is not all. Chunks of what Insomnia Cookies is calling "cream cheese chunks" (which we think taste suspiciously like white chocolate chunks) can be found throughout it as well, fulfilling both parts of the Berries and Cream dynamic duo of flavors. 

Each bite of this cookie gives you a punch of berry goodness and a bit of creamy deliciousness. Honestly, it tastes a bit like the berry Special K, but we will not hold that against them.

2. Double Chocolate Mint

The Double Chocolate Mint cookie brings us back to the chocolate cookie base. As we have said, we love this base. The dough of this cookie is soft and chewy, with just enough crunch to give it texture, give it body, and keep it interesting. It might be the strongest that Insomnia Cookies has to offer, but we digress. For this cookie, Insomnia Cookies has paired this luscious base with both mint chips and chocolate chunks. In each bite, you get the chocolate of the dough and chocolate from the chunks, plus a zing of mint. It means that nearly every bite has all the flavors you are looking for.

If you are looking for an alternative to those addictive chocolate mint cookies that you can only buy once a year when they are peddled by kids, this is a great alternative to get your chocolate mint cookie fix. Plus, as part of the Insomnia Cookies Classic line, they are regularly available at stores and via shipping.

1. Vegan Double Chocolate

Yes, it is true: the best cookie that Insomnia Cookies has to offer is from its line of vegan cookies. As much as we loved the classic Double Chocolate Chunk, the vegan version manages to improve even that. The cookie gets rave reviews on abillion.

To start, the chocolate chunks in the Vegan Double Chocolate Chunk are not milk chocolate, so we get more of a deep, rich, chocolatey flavor. Unlike the Vegan Chocolate Chunk cookie, the dough from this cookie did not spread too much. In fact, quite the opposite. We found it held its shape even better than the non-vegan Double Chocolate Chunk cookie. It was a little thicker than the non-vegan version of the cookie, which led to an absolutely perfect consistency. Biting into this cookie, you get a generous helping of luxurious chocolate flavor. It tastes like the best parts of a cookie and brownie put together into one glorious creation. This cookie tops the charts on flavor and texture. We will never not want to eat it.