Caribou Coffee Just Joined The Vegan Fast-Food Race

More and more chains known for their breakfast offerings have embraced vegan products. In December 2021, Tim Hortons rolled out a line of vegan lattes made with Chobani oat milk, and in early 2022, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf launched a plant-based breakfast sandwich featuring a Beyond Meat sausage patty. Now, Caribou Coffee has plans to join in on this trend.

According to Food Business News, Caribou Coffee is collaborating with Eat Just Inc., a brand that sells a vegan egg replacement made from mung beans called Just Egg. This item has made waves in recent weeks; in April, Food Navigator reported that the product had received EU approval and can now be used as a stand-in for other traditional proteins. The company has also received a special status that gives its mung bean egg alternative special protection from being copied by competitors, making it a particular ingredient of interest in the eyes of restaurants and home cooks. While the item gains traction in Europe, stateside diners can now expect a new item at Caribou Coffee featuring the vegan ingredient.

A new look for Caribou Coffee's menu

Food Business News reports that 400 Caribou Coffee locations should now expect to see veganism on the menu. For a limited time, these stores will carry the chain's "first fully plant-based menu offering," a flatbread featuring tomatoes, vegan pesto, dairy-free smoked provolone cheese, and Just Egg, the vegan egg alternative.

Just Egg requires significantly less resources to create when compared to a chicken egg — "83% less land" and "98% less water," which results in "93% fewer carbon emissions," according to the brand. The new flatbread sandwich option should give Caribou Coffee the chance to compete with other breakfast chains that have already made the jump towards vegan and plant-based offerings (yes, technically there's a difference). Only time can tell if consumers warm up to the new sandwich, but either way, Caribou Coffee seems poised to stay current with the times and offer diners evolving choices.