The Controversial Seltzer Ingredient That Has People Talking

It's that time of year again when friends and family descend on backyard barbecues and picnics to lounge on patios and play lawn games, hamburger in one hand and hard seltzer in the other. Hard seltzer has been popular over the past few years, with brands like White Claw and Truly Hard Seltzer emerging as front runners in every brand's race to make the best hard seltzer of the summer. We may even have one drink to blame for the seltzer trend, and it may not be what you think. Nevertheless, there's a new seltzer on the market this summer with an ingredient you won't find on the list of any of its competitors' cans.

Released by MSCHF, which FoodBeast reports is an "art collective" with a reputation for "mischief" — and thus responsible for a series of provocative products such as Satan Shoes, real shoes with a drop of real human blood in the sole — the new drink dubbed Sacred Seltzer is made with 95% holy water and 5% alcohol. We're not kidding. Sacred Seltzer's website reports that the water for the seltzer was blessed on March 31, 2022, during an "official Catholic procedure" conducted in California. Don't believe us? You can watch the blessing right on the company's website. If you've been waiting to "Get Crunk on Christ," as the brand advertises, now might be your chance.

What does holy water taste like?

Input reports that, after the holy water was blessed, it was transformed into cans of seltzer by California-based Eliqs Brew Co. Sacred Seltzer. Sold on its website, the seltzer comes in six-packs containing two of each of the brand's three flavors: cherry, mango, and lime. It presently retails for $24 (via Food Beast). The ultimate shocker is that the product was released on May 9 at 11 a.m. ET and has already sold out, per Uproxx. It's unclear at the time of writing if the drinks' stock will be replenished.

If you didn't have an opportunity to try Sacred Seltzer, or if the idea of drinking holy water is a little unsettling for you, worry not, because MSCHF sent out sample packs to several online publications who reported back on its taste. Uproxx gave the three flavors an overall okay-ish rating but noted that the cherry flavor is "so bad, it's not even fit for the Judas in your life." 

Meanwhile, BroBible called the line "certainly palatable," but nothing special. Then, Input said, "I can't rave about it," when writing about its lime flavor. Apparently, it seems as if Sacred Seltzer as a product is more about its provocativeness and potential for blasphemy than its taste.