Baskin-Robbins' Newest Offering Combines Bubble Tea With Ice Cream

Baskin-Robbins is best known for its iconic 31+ flavors of ice cream, with the 31st flavor rotating each month. But lately, the franchise has been looking to expand beyond the classics. One form of future-forward thinking that has come about is how fiercely the company has been slaying it in the flavor department with newcomer options that branch out and utilize previously untapped, interesting ingredients including Ube Coconut Swirl, plant-based Mint Choco Chunk, and Secret Admirer (per The Impulsive Buy).

In addition to its innovative foray into new flavor profiles, the brand has started to plan and roll out a revamp of its logo, which features the pink and brown hues found in its original scheme. So, if Baskin-Robbins looks different next time you visit, there's a reason why.

And if those weren't enough, the company is now reaching beyond ice cream flavors to expand its menu even further, this time with a trendy drink: bubble tea! Baskin-Robbins clearly knows what it's doing by getting some skin in the game and giving people what they want. By tapping into the fact that social media has helped this Taiwanese classic turn into a phenomenon, with experts predicting that it will "be worth $4.3 billion" by 2027 (per World Tea News), the new menu item is a smart choice.

Baskin-Robbins gets bubbly with a twist

Baskin-Robbins' Tiger Milk Bubble Tea starts with the inside of a cup receiving a generous drizzle of brown sugar syrup to mimic the appearance of "tiger stripes." The cup is then filled with black tea, whole milk, and "a decadent layer of brown sugar popping bubbles."

But the ice cream chain just couldn't stop there. To give it a Baskin-Robbins spin, the tea then gets the ice cream treatment with "a scoop of classic vanilla" added on top. As Jerid Grandinetti, vice president of marketing and culinary at Baskin-Robbins, noted in a press release, the Tiger Milk Bubble Tea addresses new flavors consumers are craving and highlights Baskin Robbins' expertise in "bringing new and innovative products to the market." 

The new bubble tea will be available just in time for warmer weather, from springtime until the end of the summer, at all nationwide branches.