Sunny Anderson's Pajama Fail Has Fans Laughing

As one of Food Network's most notable stars, Sunny Anderson certainly seems to have it all. The celeb chef is more than talented in the kitchen and regularly shows off her cooking skills on the Emmy-nominated daytime program "The Kitchen," which she has co-hosted since its debut in 2014. She's lucky enough to call some of our other favorite Food Network stars her friends, like Bobby Flay, from whom Anderson received a sweet birthday shoutout on social media last month despite regularly trying to bring him down on his competition show "Beat Bobby Flay." And, of course, who could forget about the cookbook author's impressive shoe collection that she recently showed off on the 'gram?

Clearly, Anderson is living the life. However, that doesn't mean she isn't prone to having a few slip-ups every now and again. Just this week, in fact, the "Spring Baking Championship" host took to her Instagram page to admit to a humorous blunder that has many of her followers cracking up. "When you check into a hotel in Times Square and realize you forgot your jammies, but didn't forget your face, okaaaaay?!" she captioned a photo. In the image, she was rocking a facemask and PJs emblazoned with the familiar "I [heart] NY" print all over them, which she revealed she purchased from the corner store next to her hotel. "Got this outfit for $39.98. I gave her two 20s and told her, 'keep the change,' felt rich lol," she quipped.

Fans found Sunny Anderson's hilarious PJ blunder quite relatable

It's hard to imagine that Sunny Anderson, a New Yorker herself who has lived in the city since 2001, would purchase the touristy PJs she was rocking in her latest Instagram post if she wasn't in a bind. However, the Food Network star was a good sport, saying that they made her feel "like Eddie Murphy when he went to get clothes to 'look like a New Yorker' in Coming To America." Anderson's fans were into them, too, but seemed to especially enjoy her hilarious pajama fail, which many found incredibly relatable.

"Forgot my hairdryer so went the curly route on my vaca!" one Instagrammer said in response to the chef's story. "Toothbrush or deodorant. EVERY TIME!" admitted another. For Instagram user @amandavarner4, Anderson's situation hit even closer to home: "I've forgotten my jammies too! Thankful my lifelong best friend was meeting us in the same town and stopped on the way and grabbed me some since she only had to drive 2 hours and we had to drive 12!"

Several chimed in to ensure Anderson that she wasn't a failure for accidentally forgetting her PJs, while user @xosaralynnxo posed the question we're sure was on a few other peoples' minds. "But did you wear the sheet mask down the corner for some dazzle dazzle?" they asked, to which Anderson hilariously responded that she didn't "this time." Thanks for showing us once again that stars can be just like us.