Goldfish Just Teamed Up With A Fan-Favorite Seasoning Brand

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers are a perennial American snacking favorite, and never more so than amongst teens right now, according to BOSS Magazine. The outlet cites Piper Sandler's 43rd semi-annual survey of teens from across the U.S., the aim of which is to identify, among other things, how today's teens prefer to spend their time and their money. That, of course, includes what foods they like to snack on. According to BOSS Magazine's reading of the survey results, one snack food stands above others for a plurality of the approximately 10,000 teens surveyed, whose average age was around 16 years. And that snack is those ubiquitous Goldfish crackers, which led the pack with 12% of all teens surveyed counting Goldfish as their preferred munchie. Moreover, a full 67% of the teens who count Goldfish as their favorite said that "they planned on eating either more or the same amount of the crackers over the next six months." 

The question is, how will these results be affected by Goldfish teaming up with a fan-favorite seasoning brand that has traditionally brought a gently nuanced heat to Maryland crab and all manner of seafood – actual seafood, as opposed to goldfish-shaped crackers? From what Pepperidge Farm has revealed in a press release, and given the impressive purchasing power that FONA International (a subsidiary of McCormick) attributes to teens today, we're starting to wonder if it's only a matter of time before production of Goldfish crackers will need to be stepped up in response. 

The flavor of Old Bay meets the crunch of Goldfish crackers in a hot new partnership

On Monday, May 9, 2022, Pepperidge Farm announced, via a press release, the launch of a brand new flavor for its iconic Goldfish crackers, which already come in so many flavors that it's difficult, if not impossible, to keep up at any given moment (although we did manage to round up 18 and rank 'em from worst to best just the other day). This new flavor promises to appeal to the literal droves of fans who were scrambling to grab every last bag of last summer's limited edition Frank's RedHot flavor of Goldfish crackers, which represented an auspicious first partnering between Pepperidge Farm and McCormick & Company. Although it doesn't pack quite the same heat, at least not in the Scoville sense, it does leverage all 18 of the warm, savory spices you'll find in McCormick's Old Bay seasoning blend,

According to Pepperidge Farm, this flavor was a long time coming for the many Old Bay fans who had taken to sprinkling their own Old Bay seasoning onto handfuls of Goldfish crackers. And how are said fans reacting? As one  Reddit user wrote on the Baltimore subreddit, "Shut up and take my money."