The Most Memorable Thing Rip Micheals Ate On Urban Eats & Treats - Exclusive

You might never guess that a food show would be on the table for comedian and personality Rip Micheals. Yet, according to Digital Journal, all of that changed with the recent premiere of the HARTBEAT Studios production, "Urban Eats & Treats," a food and travel show he hosts that explores undiscovered great restaurants across the country with the help of celebrity friends. Stars like Shaquille O'Neal, Nick Cannon, DJ Envy, Bill Bellamy, and more have since joined Micheals to visit their favorite restaurants across America.

The show debuted on a variety of networks on April 20, with the program highlighting some incredibly good eats. Over the course of Season 1, Micheals and guests will travel to 12 different locales and try out a variety of cuisines, per Tubi. With so much food around, picking out the most memorable culinary moments on the show proved difficult for Micheals. While the comedian couldn't pick a favorite restaurant, he revealed to Mashed in an exclusive interview one particular moment that made him entirely rethink his relationship with vegan comfort food.

A new look for vegan meals

When Rip Micheals joined Shaquille O'Neal in one episode of "Urban Eats & Treats," the comedian might have expected the athlete to take him to a pizza joint or steakhouse, but O'Neal's pick ended up blowing Micheals' mind. "[Shaq's] cheat [meal] is going to a place called Slutty Vegan, and it was the most amazing vegan burger I've ever had," the show's host revealed to Mashed. The restaurant used Impossible meat that completely annihilated chains like Burger King and found ways to play with vegan bacon, chicken, pulled pork, and more. Micheals said he had no idea that chefs could play with vegan meat like that, but astute fans of fast food might know that if any restaurant can pull off vegan fast food, it's Slutty Vegan.

VegNews reports that Slutty Vegan teamed up with Shake Shack back in 2021 to create a veggie burger for the brand, which featured Slutty Vegan's Slut Dust (all-purpose seasoning), lemon ginger kale, caramelized onions, vegan ranch, and vegan mayo on a toasted Hawaiian bun. The collaboration even benefited ROAR, a charity designed to help restaurants that struggled during the depths of the pandemic. For a good veggie burger, you really can't do better than a vegan eatery that won over America and Shaq — and Micheals definitely won't forget the experience anytime soon.

Check out Rip Micheals hosting "Urban Eats & Treats" on Tubi and keep an eye out for the comedian's next big upcoming projects over on his Instagram.