Aldi Shoppers Are Raving About Its German Frozen Foods

Aldi's biannual German Week is back for 2022, running May 4 through May 11 and featuring a plethora of food products celebrating all things Deutschland. Many items are labeled with the Deutsche Küche brand name and because Aldi is a German-based company, Aldi Things claims that they are of "high quality and fairly authentic." While some products are located in the special Aldi Finds aisle, others can be found in the frozen food aisle.

When Aldi announced the start of German Week on its Instagram account last Wednesday, many shoppers rejoiced. "My favorite time at ALDI!! Love me some schnitzel, spaetzle, and those coconut spritz cookies are my favorite thing in the world," wrote one user, followed by a heart-eyes emoji. One week later, if a recent Instagram post from @aldifavoritefinds tells us anything, it's that German Week appears to have been a total hit this year, especially in the frozen food section.

From schnitzel to strudel to spätzle, German Week rules

Instagram is raining hearts and heart-eyed emojis in comments on @aldifavoritefinds' latest post featuring some of the top contenders from the frozen food aisle. The post includes several photos of foods from the Deutsche Küche brand including breaded patties of pork schnitzel, strudels filled with apple and "fruits of the forest," various flavors of spätzle, Bavarian soft pretzels, and a variety of flavors of "German luxury cake" from the Specialty Selected line.

While some Instagrammers seemed to be all about giving shout-outs to their preferred products in the comments, such as one user who wrote, "The Caramel Apple strudel is AMAZING" with four "yum" emojis, others are admitting to buying perhaps more than their fair share of their favorites. "Literally just bought everything in this post over the weekend," commented another user. If you didn't get to Aldi in time for German Week this go around, rest assured, it's usually back in October.