Reddit's Vintage Taco Bell Sauce Packet Will Make You Super Nostalgic

Taco Bell has a pretty dedicated fan base — so dedicated that there's actually a Taco Bell-themed literary journal for people to confess their undying love for Mexican pizza and nacho fries. But it goes so much further than that, and you might even say that Taco Bell's sauces have something of a cult following of their own. In fact, the demand for sauce is so great that the Taco Bell Taco Shop has a sauce packet collection with saucy socks, spicy notebooks, fiery pajamas, and hot-selling sauce packet balloons.

Even though the world's love for Taco Bell's sauce has remained constant over the years, the sauce packets themselves have changed greatly. One Reddit thread from 2019 shows the evolution of Taco Bell's mild sauce from the late 1980s to the present day. Early sauce packets stuck with color blocking in the Taco Bell color palette, with later packets going for fiery inferno vibes.

Redditor uncovers a 1994 Taco Bell hot sauce packet

One Taco Bell lover took to Reddit after they discovered a hot sauce gem while moving furniture in their home. The packet dates back to 1994, making it about as old as Taco Bell's target audience of millennials (via Work Stream).

Comments on the Reddit post fell into two categories: preserving history and, well, tasting the sauce. One person wrote, "You should have this cased in resin," clearly in favor of preserving the Taco Bell artifact. Others asked how the sauce tasted, to which someone responded, "It probably ages like the finest of red wines." Makes sense, given the shocking amount of money people try to sell the sauce for.

When the original poster did not respond to any of the comments on the sauce's taste, another Redditor asked, "Are you alive, OP?" It might just be that the original poster hasn't logged back on to Reddit since finding the sauce packet, but this may also serve as a warning to others. You probably shouldn't eat 28-year-old sauce.