Gordon Ramsay's Response To A Comment About His TikTok Is So On-Brand

Did Gordon Ramsay turn TikTok into another circle of "Hell's Kitchen"? If you're on the receiving end of his many burns, perhaps it feels a bit like he has. The surly chef has a popular segment called #RamsayReacts on the video-sharing app, in which he duets and reacts to food made by fans. He is quite particular about what makes good food, so if his fans stray from his standards, they will most definitely hear about it in a #RamsayReacts video. When a TikToker turned the familiar scowling face of a blond chef, the unimpressed star said it reminded him of his dead grandad. In a different video, the combo of fish and chips with vegemite proved too much for Ramsay, who reacted with blunt insults to the TikToker's intelligence. 

However, as intimidating as it might be, the celebrity chef encourages fans to submit a TikTok to #RamsayReacts if they want his honest opinion. In a recent TikTok video, Ramsay told fans that they "turned [him] slightly vegan." As a result, he began seeking more vegan recipes, which will run in conjunction with the social media challenge that he has put out for competitors on his new show, "Future Food Stars." However, when a commenter had a reaction of their own to one of the videos, the chef didn't fail to respond in true Ramsay fashion.

Ramsay delivered full sass on a vegan beef Wellington video

Beef Wellington stands out as one of Gordon Ramsay's signature dishes. As the name implies, it most definitely is not usually vegan, instead consisting of a beef tenderloin as well as ham coated in puff pastry. But one TikTok user, @futurelettuce, attempted to make a plant-based version for Ramsay's vegan recipe challenge. They started off with a clip of beetroot dye, followed by them combining it with some "strong flour." They then proceeded to season a meat-like substance for the "steak" portion of the dish. 

Throughout the reaction video, Ramsay makes several disapproving comments. He says that the food looks like it was cleaned in a dishwasher and just wasn't edible. As the plant-based take on his iconic beef Wellington comes together, he brands it "the first-ever turd Wellington" and "an insult to vegans." Though some commenters agreed that the dish looked unappetizing, others weren't fans of the criticism. Among them was user8696404428671, who complained, "Gordon.. you asked people to submit vegan recipes and now [you're] just making fun of them." Ramsay responded with his usual sass; "I must've forgotten to say edible !" The chef's on-brand response was greeted with laughter in the comments. One person simply replied, "brilliant."