The Incredible Brisket Ramen That's Only Available Once A Year

When you think of iconic Texas foods, one thing that probably comes to mind is barbecue. An aspect of what makes Texas barbecue so unique is brisket, and unlike some other barbecue dishes, it isn't necessarily smothered in sauce. If you've already tried all the best barbecue restaurants in Texas, there's one place where you need to head immediately for a special brisket dish. This week, brisket lovers can find a dish that only comes around once a year at Ramen Tatsu-Ya.

According to Chron, the smoked shoyu brisket ramen usually only makes an appearance on the menu once a year, and diners can go to the Houston location to snag this unique bowl. Chef-partner Takuya Matsumoto explained to Chron that the dish is featured for a limited time because the process to make the broth and brisket takes between two and three days. A Facebook post from Ramen Tatsu-Ya says that the smoked shoyu brisket ramen will be in stores starting on May 16, or National Barbecue Day 2022, and will remain on the menu until May 20.

What's in Ramen Tatsu-Ya's brisket ramen?

Although brisket might be the star of the show, it's not the only topping in Ramen Tatsu-Ya's limited-edition release. One of the restaurant's Facebook posts shows a video of chefs cooking up ramen, and the caption breaks down what goes into this dish. The base of the ramen is bone broth, and the toppings include brisket, smoked shoyu, charred jalapeños, scallions, ajitama (marinated soft-boiled eggs that often come with ramen) and menma, or fermented bamboo shoots. Another Facebook post announces that the restaurant is also selling 150 limited-edition t-shirts as part of their BBQ ramen week.

For anyone who is in the Houston area and wants to try this limited-edition ramen for themselves, Houston Food Finder notes that diners should arrive at the store early in case the dish gets sold out for the day. Craving ramen but not in Texas? Try these easy ways to upgrade instant ramen or if you're feeling ambitious, make some yourself — just be sure to avoid these 11 mistakes everyone makes when cooking ramen at home.