Here's What You Could Really Win From The 2022 Starbucks Summer Game

In case you haven't heard, Starbucks has declared it's officially summer, and no, not because it's warm enough to drink a Frappucino. According to Chew boom, the coffee chain's Summer Game sweepstakes is back again for the seventh year in a row. From now through June 17, 2022, Starbucks Rewards members will have the chance to snag some pretty neat prizes by playing this year's "Road to Paradise" game on the Starbucks app.

The digital contest features a "spin to win" wheel and a color-popping puzzle, where players complete levels by clearing objects off a grid in a set number of moves (think Candy Crush). Users can play to win up to twice a day, earning "spins" that can score them smaller, instant prizes or game pieces that can be collected toward one grand prize. Per the sweepstakes rules, users are issued one free play by default when they sign up, but additional gameplay can be earned by buying something at Starbucks with the app. Users can also rack up bonus plays by meeting certain app "challenges," such as earning 25 stars on a purchase, ordering a drink with non-dairy milk, or using mobile order five times. 

Top winners for the 2021 Starbucks Summer Game received Bose Frames Soprano Audio Sunglasses and a pass guaranteeing three months of free Starbucks drinks. While those winnings were certainly impressive, those who decide to play the game this year will find the chain has supercharged its prize selection.

Free drinks, free stars, a brand new car

Per the contest description, Starbucks plans to hand out a whopping five million prizes this year amounting to just over $3 million dollars. Some goodies fans can expect to snag through instant wins are bonus stars and gift cards of varying denominations. 1,000 first prize winners will get $100 while thousands more will receive lesser amounts.

Four lucky players who collect all the game pieces that will receive the ultimate grand prize: A brand new, 2023 Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric Compact SUV. And that's not all. Along with the new wheels, winners will receive a ChargePoint Home Flex so they can charge their new vehicle, you know, so they can make all those Starbucks runs.

With an estimated retail value of $84,4449, this is no doubt the biggest, most luxurious grand prize giveaway Starbucks has ever done. It also marks its second partnership with Volvo and coincides with the brand's ongoing mission to promote environmentally conscious efforts and make renewable energy more available. In March, CNBC reported that the coffee giant and Volvo teamed up to install 60 electric vehicle charging stations across 15 U.S. Starbucks locations along a route between Denver and Seattle, with hopes to inspire more "electric" road trips. 

Starbucks Rewards Members can participate in this year's Summer Game by logging in on the Starbucks app or website. Those who aren't members can join for free on the website with no purchase necessary.