The Price Of A Beer At The PGA Championship Will Knock You Over

Beer and golf go together like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra and per Golf, the two gentlemen from the Rat Pack are the reason why beer carts exist. The publication explains that when Martin and Sinatra would go golfing in Las Vegas, they would only play 18 holes if adult beverages were provided to keep them "hydrated." So, the Desert Inn golf course created a golf cart filled with alcohol, allowing the two entertainers to wet their whistles and play a full round of golf in the process. Thus, the beer cart was born and golfers and spectators alike rejoiced. 

Today, a beer at Disney's Shades of Green golf course will set you back $4.50 for a can of domestic and $5.75 for a specialty beer; however, all golf courses are not created equal nor are their golf carts and concession stands. In fact, we think Martin and Sinatra would take issue with the price of beer at this year's PGA Championship at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma because if you think food and gas prices are rising, wait until you see the price of beer at this tournament. They are so high, in fact, the prices may prompt you to pre-game.

You could spend $19 for one beer

Per Yahoo Sports, those fans who plan on circling the golf course to watch this PGA Championship may want to think twice before guzzling down a beer at the tournament. Attendees can expect to pay as much as $19 for a single beer. We promise you that no matter how many times you read that number, it isn't going to change. Per the menu one fan shared on Twitter, a Michelob Ultra costs $18, a Stella Artois $19, and don't think the price of a glass of wine will be much better. You can expect to pay $13 for this beverage and $19 for a margarita, a mule, a transfusion or a Jim Beam Black ginger highball. Cha-ching!

The reaction to this pricing is mixed. Pro golfer Justin Thomas expressed his dismay on Twitter, writing, "$18(!!!!!!) for a beer... uhhhh what. Gotta treat the fans better than that!" Another member of the Twitterverse offered, "This is normal pricing out here in LA for any stadium or sporting event...guys better get a custom to it." 

One tweeter used this as an opportunity to let spectators know their $19 will get them more than a beer if they stop by their concession stand at the tournament, tweeting, "Come to the concessions #2 & 6! 10% of the sales goes directly to Light of Hope who do free drug education for schools across Oklahoma and support groups for families of addicts. We don't set pricing, the pga does."