Instagram Is Mesmerized By This Chocolate Cello

The internet is vast, yea, and it is mighty. Like a weapon of mass destruction or the hammer of Thor, it's a powerful tool that can lay waste and wreak havoc, leaving a path of chaos and confusion in its wake.

But sometimes, it's also just plain lovely. It's a place where celebrity chefs melt hearts with doting tributes to their children, or where you can find yourself in complete awe of Martha Stewart's cocktail party. And spreading the love and joy isn't reserved only for the rich and famous, with culinary empires and a few hours to kill; regular old musical prodigies can do it, too. 

In fact, The Piano Guys have been doing it for years now. According to their website, "The Piano Guys" is actually four guys — with musical gifts ranging from singing and songwriting to piano-playing and producing — who got their start by using social media to sell pianos. As they jammed on classical instruments and released the results to the swirling, bubbling mass that we call the internet, they realized how much joy their antics brought to people, and a brand was born. These days, their Instagram page is filled with concerts in canyons, Star Wars shoutouts, and upside-down "Happy Birthday" playing. Until May 19, that is, when The Piano Guys appeared to be throwing their hat in the ring for a musicians' version of "Is It Cake?"

Let them eat cellos

In an Instagram post, The Piano Guys string together a series of quick cuts that show a cello being created out of chocolate, over the Harry Styles song "As It Was." It's absolutely riveting to watch Amaury Guichon (tagged in the post) at work; founder of Pastry Academy, Guichon's own social media is devoted to some of the more wild confectionary creations (like a life-sized giraffe) that he and his team have produced. But, if you'll pardon the pun, the cello really takes the cake. Like the viral trend that saw everyday objects being cut into with a knife, only to reveal that they were food all along, Guichon's cello could fool anyone. By the time the final "varnish" is brushed across the pastry, you'd swear you were looking at a real, wooden cello, strings and all.

The Piano Guys, true to form, finish their post with the internet version of a musical crescendo. The camera cuts from Guichon holding up the finished product to one of the Piano Guys holding a cello of his own — and eyeing it hungrily. "Lookin like a snack," reads the caption, and indeed the musician goes in for a bite just before the scene fades to black and the video starts over. Now, we're no classical-instrument-made-out-of-cake expert, but the cello the Piano Guy is about to eat does like the real, inedible deal, and not a pastry version. But then again so did the other one.