Gordon Ramsay Claims This Topping Is Just As Bad As Pineapple On Pizza

Gordon Ramsay's latest TV show, "Future Food Stars," has come to an end. In the show, playfully called FFS for short, Ramsay challenges 12 entrepreneurs from the food industry, and in the end, there is one winner who gets Ramsay's large-sum investment (via BBC). During the broadcasts of FFS, you had a chance for Gordon Ramsay to judge your cooking in his TikTok challenge — the chef decided to post reactions to the best recipes posted on the popular social media platform. 

And now, it seems like the "Hell's Kitchen" star wants to do even more of these reaction videos, albeit not necessarily positive ones. Ramsay posted a duet video reacting to @maxthemeatguy, who shared an unusual recipe that he made with @gugafoods, a popular TikToker who likes to share experimental cooking videos. The two made a rather unique pizza with wild ingredients, and the celebrity chef was especially appalled by the toppings, which he found just as bad as putting pineapple on pizza.

Pepperoni as a steak pizza topping is a no-go for Ramsay

The TikTokers decided to make a pizza with a "massive Tom & Jerry steak with tons of tough cuts that definitely needed tenderizing." So they gave that huge steak a few fist bumps in the video. Later in the video, they seasoned the steak with salt and pepper on both sides and smoked it low and slow over applewood. What follows is your standard TikTok ridiculousness — the steak gets seared with a huge blowtorch, and it's then topped with tomato sauce, grated parmesan, and slices of pepperoni. Yes, they really used beef instead of pizza dough.

After a few minutes in the pizza oven, the TikTokers demonstrated how to slice and eat this steak pizza monstrosity. Ramsay reacted to the recipe for steak pizza with his own video, in which he's mostly saying stuff like "stop it," "what are you doing," and "no, no, no, no." Finally, he concluded that the two have "lost the plot." 

In the comments, some TikTok users wondered why someone would "ruin a perfectly good steak," while others thought that "this has to be the most genius thing ever made," so this one is obviously a case of different strokes for different folks.