This Is Padma Lakshmi's Favorite Fast Food Order - Exclusive

Padma Lakshmi has tasted a ton of different food over the years, and for a particular item to stand out as the best means a lot. According to Showbiz Cheatsheet, Lakshmi claims that lemon rice, flavored with black mustard seeds, turmeric, curry leaves, and lemons ranks as her all-time favorite food out there. She also can't get enough of pesto and has loved the sauce ever since she discovered it back in her 20s when she lived in Italy. You might never guess, but she even has a soft spot in her heart for Frito pie.

While Lakshmi loves these foods, she doesn't necessarily eat them on a daily basis. In an interview with EatingWell, the star revealed she usually enjoys pieces of papaya with some Indian yogurt before starting her daily workout. When she needs to feed her family, she emphasizes eating a ton of fruits and vegetables but is also known to grab a takeout pizza from time to time. While Lakshmi's diet looks incredibly wholesome, the personality has been known to splurge when she's out and about with her favorite fast food order.

Lakshmi named her all-time favorite fast food

"When I'm not in the mood for cooking, but when I'm in LA, I will enjoy a burger," Lakshmi told Mashed when she sat down for an exclusive interview. Whenever she finds herself on the West Coast, she has two go-to burger spots. Lakshmi loves In-N-Out and typically grabs a burger with extra pickles and no onions.

The personality has a long history with In-N-Out. The Daily Mail noted that Lakshmi was seen enjoying a burger from the chain while attending a Vanity Fair Oscars party back in 2018. Many who follow the star also noted that Lakshmi once repped Carl's Jr. back in 2009, marking a long history with this particular fast food. When it comes down to it, Lakshmi has clear preferences, and not just any burger joint can make the cut.

"It's not just anywhere," Lakshmi continued. "It's either In-N-Out, but I also like Astro Burger's garden burger, the one on Santa Monica Boulevard, not the one on Melrose." The star prefers that particular location because the Astro Burger on Melrose uses a soy mayo that tastes a bit too tart for Lakshmi's taste.

Lakshmi summed up her relationship with her favorite burgers best — "You can tell I'm a burger geek when I'm in LA."

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