M&M's Just Answered Fans' Pleas With Its Newest Mix Flavor

With today's abundant M&M' options, it may be hard to imagine a world with limited choices when it comes to the iconic chocolate candies. Once upon a time, in all reality, picking up a bag of M&M's could only mean purchasing the plain chocolate variety. According to M&M's website, that was the first flavor launched in 1941, and the peanut version didn't come on the scene until 1954.

My, how things have changed! Last year, Mashed was able to rank 20 M&M's flavors, including some more unusual offerings such as coffee nut and key lime pie. The ever-evolving brand is continually adding new candy flavors to its lineup like the more recently launched Crunchy Cookie M&M's, which invoke a chocolate chip cookie taste, and limited-release M&M's Munchums, which come in both milk chocolate and salted caramel flavors, are gluten-free, and have an outer shell made from chickpeas (via PR Newswire). Now, there's one upcoming flavor that M&M's thinks fans will be particularly excited about.

M&M's is releasing a nut brownie mix flavor

Perhaps M&M's newest flavor became inevitable in 2019 when M&M's first introduced its fudge brownie mix flavor. According to Pop Sugar, the fudge brownie mix candies are "essentially slightly larger pieces filled with the gooey texture of fresh-baked brownies." Apparently, a lot of fans felt one addition could make the fudge brownie mix better. According to PR Newswire, the combination of peanut M&Ms and fudge brownie chocolate M&Ms was requested more than 35,000 times on social media.

As a result, M&Ms fans are looking forward to the launch scheduled for later this summer. When @CandyHunting posted the announcement over on Instagram, followers chimed in with their enthusiasm. Comments like "I need I need I need" and "I'll mark my calendar" go to show that M&Ms is on the right track. Bolstered by the notion that the candy brand is listening to its fans, @CandyHunting gave some product suggestions to M&Ms including a future Snickers mix and Twix mix. Who knows? If either request shows up in 35,000 additional social media posts, maybe it will have a chance of making it to store shelves.