TikTok Had A Heartwarming Response To One Restaurant's Sad News

In early May, one TikToker shared that her parents' restaurant, Poke Bay, would soon be closing permanently. In her initial TikTok, which racked up more than two million views, Angelica Song said that her parents' restaurant has been a beloved part of its neighborhood for years, receiving several buyout offers prior to the pandemic. However, like the staggering number of other restaurants shuttering for good, Poke Bay struggled to survive the pandemic. According to Song's post, no additional buyout offers have come in since. To make matters worse, Song said, the University of Texas purchased the building her parents rent as part of its Austin campus expansion.

"Essentially they are just kind of kicking them out, and not helping them out with relocation, a new place, or even just a little bit to help them out," Song said. She goes on to say that, while the university doesn't technically owe her parents anything, Poke Bay has catered UT events in the past and is a big part of the community. The family currently has no plans to reopen at a new location, according to Yahoo! News. But TikTokers responded in the most heartwarming way.

Poke Bay was flooded with community support

Following Angelica Song's TikTok post, her parents' restaurant was overwhelmed with support and love from the surrounding community. The day after her original post, Song uploaded another TikTok saying Poke Bay sold out of everything and her parents had to close for an hour to prepare and cook more. In another TikTok installment, Song's parents thank everyone who came out to support them at Poke Bay, and apologize for any mistakes made during the rush.

Other TikTokers flooded the comments section, sharing their own experiences at Poke Bay. One person wrote, "They are absolutely the sweetest people. Your dad recognizes me every time I come in and always talks to me about life." Another person said, "[They're] so deserving of all the success in the world." Still, others praised the restaurant's homemade poke bowls.

Although the Song family may be moving on to other things, the University of Texas Austin released a statement to Fox 7 Austin expressing its appreciation for local businesses. The official statement concludes by saying the university intends to start a conversation with affected businesses about possible options for relocation.