This 'Sus' Starbucks Cup Drawing Had A Customer Scratching Their Head

If you've ever been to Starbucks and ordered even a single cup of coffee, you'd know that the baristas write your name on the cup. While this is done to know which customers ordered which drinks, of course, baristas also can draw pictures or write messages to the recipient. These messages can range from a mundane but friendly "have a nice day" to somewhat shocking cases, as evidenced when one woman discovered a flirtatious and unwarranted message written to her on her cup (via Yahoo! News). In certain cases, they can even be helpful. WKYC reports that a Starbucks barista wrote a message to a girl who they believed was being pestered by a stranger, telling her to "remove the lid" if she needed them to intervene.

Interestingly, a new case combines Starbucks and video games. In fact, it involves the popular 2018 multiplayer game "Among Us." According to the game's developer, Innersloth, the game focuses on players assuming the role of spacemen, with one spaceman being an "imposter." The player that is the "imposter" must avoid detection and subdue the other crewmates, while the other players must work together to figure out who the "imposter" is. The term "sus," short for "suspicious," is used to describe questionable activities a crewmate might do in-game.

For those who have never heard of the game, seeing a reference to it would be pretty confusing, especially at Starbucks.

A Starbucks customer received a drawing of an amo

Spacemen? Sus? What does this have to do with Starbucks? One customer, alongside their family, placed an order in a Starbucks drive-thru. When the customer received their coffee, they found a strange drawing scribbled on the side of the cup. The cup, which the customer posted to the subreddit r/Starbucks, had a drawing of an "Among Us" character saying the word "sus." The customer was baffled and wanted to know what the drawing meant. Naturally, Reddit commenters took turns cracking "Among Us" jokes, while explaining to the confused customer what the drawing meant.

"The character is from a game called 'Among Us.' 'Sus' comes from 'suspicious' which is what they say in the game when they're trying to find out who's the impostor," explained u/8kenhead. "It's really popular with kids, so if your kids are on the younger side then the barista drew it because they thought your kids would like it."

"Expanding on other comments, this is pretty much just an image and slogan that young people love right now and will tend to put on everything," explained u/wingecoyote. "It doesn't have any specific meaning in this context. Think of it like the 'Kilroy was here' guy."

"Among Us" has also been referenced in restaurants before. A Korean Dunkin' released "Among Us" donuts back in June 2021. Now, with this settled, it's time to settle in with a Starbucks Refresher and play a round of the famed video game.