The Bizarre Air Fryer 'Experiment' With Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza That Has People Talking

In the languishing post-holiday days of 2021, Twitter user and "food scientist" Kendrick Lobstar (@KLobstar) decided to see what would happen if he put a hotdog in the air fryer for two hours — because winter, because pandemic, because who wants to take down the Christmas tree? Mind you, a hot dog becomes fully cooked, complete with some nice charring, after just four minutes in an air fryer (via Everyday Family Cooking), so @KLobstar's hilarious air fryer "experiment" had predictable, horrible, smelly results that drove his wife and child out of the house but naturally also generated a ton of reactions on Twitter.

Now, @KLobstar is at it again. He has fired up his air fryer, procured a Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell, and sought to air fry it for 120 minutes. Why? "To celebrate the best fast food item there is," says @KLobstar. 98,000 Twitter users gave it their undivided attention.

"Have I learned my lesson from last year?" @KLobstar wrote. "Absolutely not." He also streamed the event live on Twitch.

After 10 minutes (110 more to go!), the pizza looks pretty toasted. Let's not forget that, unlike a hot dog, a Taco Bell Mexican Pizza is already fully cooked and ready to eat. In fact, Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza consists of two flat crunchy shells, ground beef, cheese, tomatoes, "Mexican pizza sauce," beans, and tomatoes (via Taco Bell). At 30 minutes, the pizza is almost entirely black, and @KLobstar notes, "I have made another mistake." This, of course, had people talking big time.

Spoiler alert: The Mexican Pizza will burn

After 60 minutes, the Mexican Pizza is a charred disk and @KLobstar switches it out for the tacos that came with the Mexican Pizza Combo. They didn't last an hour, and a follower's suggestion that @KLobstar "rehydrate" the items with the Mountain Dew Baja Blast produced "vomit-inducing" results. Others suggested the Baja Blast belonged in the air fryer as well: "Baja Blast, meet Baja Blast Furnace," one wrote.

As always, the comments section did not disappoint. One fan tweeted their significant other, saying, "babe, wake up new KLob science experiment." Meanwhile, one user celebrated, declaring, "CHRISTMAS COMES EARLY!" while someone else warned, "You're the reason they're going to take the Mexican pizza from us again."

Although some followers didn't understand the idea behind making charcoal in the air fryer and sympathized with neighbors whose home values might plummet due to the smell of all @KLobstar's burnt foods, more were in awe of @KLobstar's experiment. In fact, one fan pronounced, "Ladies and gentlemen, you are witnessing great steps towards human evolution. Glad to be here." 

An obviously conflicted fan wrote, "Absolutely disgusting/thanks for your work sir." Similarly, another said, "This sucks but you needed to do it." We're not sure about that, but at least now we know with absolute certainty what happens to Mexican Pizza after more than an hour in an air fryer.