Anne Burrell's Special Sunrise Breakfast Is 'Perfection'

Anne Burrell, co-host of the new celebrity season of "Worst Cooks in America," might seem a little straight-laced and strict on television, especially in comparison with her goofball co-star Jeff Mauro. But when she's not tasked with transforming a crew of rag-tag '90s television stars into chefs, her Instagram posts show that she's just as much of a softie as any of us. Burrell's new husband Stuart Claxton seems to really bring out the star chef's sentimental side. She's shared pictures of the two attending sporting events, at their wedding, and with their pets, and a recent post gave friends and fans alike another opportunity to gush over the couple. 

Over the weekend, Burrell shared a series of three photos that were location tagged in Elbow Beach, Bermuda, a part of the island famous for its pink sand beaches (via Condé Nast Traveler). In the first and last photo, Burrell and Claxton are seen sitting on a blanket on the beach, surrounded by cushions, with a picnic table full of food and drinks by their side. Meanwhile, the sun can be seen rising up over the horizon, the ocean just in front of them. The middle photo shows a better look at the couple's breakfast spread. "Bermuda sunrise breakfast with my @stuartclaxton = perfection!!!!" the star captioned her post, which so far has more than 20,000 likes.

Burrell's fans love to see her happy

A lot of people left positive comments on Burrell's post, expressing happiness at seeing the star and her new husband vacationing together. Alex Guarnaschelli, host of the unique show "Alex vs. America," commented, "I love this," followed by a heart emoji. Former "Food Network Star" contestant Martie Duncan commented that she loved the last photo in the series; "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" co-host Carson Kressley said, "Enjoy;" and former "Top Chef" contestants Leah Cohen and Tiffani Faison both made positive remarks, too. Safe to say, many of Burrell's food television colleagues seemed pleased to see her enjoying some time off.

Burrell can credit her friends for more than just their kind words on an Instagram post. The chef also tagged her "dear friend @melbasharlem for setting this up," which is the account of Melba Wilson, owner of Southern comfort food restaurant Melba's in New York City. She also gave credit to @mudaiethiopis, an Ethiopian cuisine company, and @genetluresalon, a nail salon in Bermuda, for making her romantic sunrise breakfast "absolutely dreamy." Between Claxton, her friends, and her fans, Burrell must feel pretty loved these days.