Aldi Fans Are Puckering Up For Its New Cookie Thins Flavors

By now, we all know that many Aldi food items have cult followings. Shoppers just can't get enough of Aldi's frozen cocktail popsicles, its Who Needs The Bagel? seasoning, and its peanut butter cups.

In early 2021, the Instagram fan page Your Aldi BFF posted about Benton's brand Cookie Things, which they discovered upon a visit to the grocery chain. Needless to say, Aldi shoppers became obsessed with these Cookie Thins, which are also available in several tasty flavors.

Initially, these cookies came in two varieties: chocolate cookie with vanilla creme and chocolate cookie with chocolate creme. However, the line eventually expanded to include toasted coconut, chocolate chip, apple crumble, pumpkin spice, snickerdoodle, key lime, and lemon. And, of course, Aldi fans went wild for them. In fact, one YouTube review went so far as to say, "I think (Benton's) knocks it out of the park on all of (the flavors)."

Now, in preparation for summer, Aldi has brought back the lemon and key lime Cookie Thins, and Instagram couldn't be more excited.

Lemon and key lime Cookie Thins return for summer snacking

Aldi Favorite Finds, another Instagram fan page, recently posted to share with other Aldi shoppers that Benton's lemon and key lime Cookie Thins — for the record, yes, there's a difference between limes and key limes — had returned for the summer season.

Fans of the Cookie Thins showered the post with love, sharing in the comments their favorite cookie flavor. Most shoppers seemed to prefer the lemon cookies to the key lime cookies, saying that they love the lemon ones but "don't care for the lime." Another person joked, "These lemon ones are so good — I mean terrible, don't buy them all." Other shoppers said they were excited about the vegan dessert hummus and Cookie Thins snacking combo.

According to the post, a package of the Cookie Thins sells for about $2.49. Depending on the flavor, the cookies pack between 130 and 140 calories per 6-cookie serving. The cookie thins also boast of no artificial flavors or preservatives. Talk about wholesome (and crunchy)!