The Intensely Sour Candy That Has TikTok Captivated

Occasionally, almost everyone has a sweet tooth, and some of us savor sweet treats on a daily basis. SciTechDaily reports that the average American eats about 8 pounds of candy each year. The consumption is at its peak around festive days and special occasions such as Valentine's Day, Christmas, and Easter — and that's only the statistic for adults, because children eat even more candy annually. However, both children and adults can now rejoice because the 25th Sweets & Snacks Expo 2022 at the McCormick Place in Chicago welcomed numerous exhibitors (almost 700!) who showcased the latest and greatest in the world of sweet and savory treats (via Confectionery News). 

If you were among the 16,000 attendees, you could've tasted a huge number of candy and snack innovations such as Bella Sun Luci's tomato-based jerky, 40 Below's french vanilla sweet beads that are similar to ice cream, Great Spirits Baking Company's alcohol-enriched cakes, and Riffs Smokehouse's portable bacon snack (per Food Dive). But there was also one intensely sour candy that had TikTok captivated.

Candy Dynamics' Sour Candies raise awareness of important issues

Food Dive reveals that the sour candies in question are Indiana-based company Candy Dynamics' offerings such as Toxic Waste Hazardously Sour Candy, Slime Licker Sour Rolling Liquid Candy, and Sour Smog Balls. The president of the company, Laura King, says that their products are somewhat "different, unique, and a little edgy." And although the names of these candies might be a bit edgy, there's a hidden message behind it all — the mascots on the candy packaging are cartoon characters that accentuate sensitive and important issues such as "recycling, proper disposal of hazardous waste, and protecting the water supply." 

The characters, namely Professor Sauernoggin, Mr. Toxie Head, and Hazmat the Lab Rat teach kids to save water and electricity and to throw trash away properly without littering, among other things (per Toxic Waste Candy). Bringing up such important issues is a commendable action, so the next time you're eating one of Candy Dynamics' products, it would be good to think about the best ways you and your loved ones can protect the environment and the only planet that we have. When one TikToker sampled the treat, comments flooded in. One person wrote, "I want one so bad," while others clamored to order the candy. Just bear in mind that if you eat too much sour candy, you might end up with a sore tongue.