This Tool Will Help You Coat Pans Evenly With Oil, Every Time

When baking or frying food, it's vital to coat your pan or baking sheet with oil. If not properly coated, the pan will stick to food, ruin intricate dishes, and result in food waste. The traditional way of coating pans is also quite wasteful, as a large amount of oil is typically disposed of after cooking. Along with the high cost of constantly replacing your oil, disposing of leftover oil isn't as simple as it might seem.

According to Act Enviro, it's extremely important to dispose of oil in the correct way. If it's placed into a plastic bag, it will potentially leak, and if it's poured down the sink drain, it will cause clogs that will result in high repair costs. If you do end up with too much oil, you can wait for it to cool and store it in an airtight container until you dispose of other household waste.

After reading all that, you might be delighted to know that there's a way to evenly coat pans without wasting an unnecessary amount of oil. The solution? Oil sprayers.

What is an oil sprayer?

An oil sprayer is a stylish container that store-bought oil can be transferred into. It is a way to disperse over the pan or on food without pouring out large pools. These refillable solutions are a great way to oil your food without the use of aerosol and additives, as stated in Cooks Illustrated. An oil mister will provide a fine stream to evenly coat the pan; by doing so, you eliminate oil waste and prevent foods from sticking.

If you're somebody who cares deeply about the aesthetic of your kitchen, oil sprayers are more attractive than large bottles of cooking oil. Sprayers appear stylish in the kitchen and hold oil in a properly sized fashion, unlike most cooking oils that come in oversized containers.

When preparing homemade meals, you certainly don't want food waste or a difficult cleanup process. Next time you're ready to bake, you may want to ditch large bottles and opt for a new oil sprayer.