The Best Dessert To Make On The Grill, According To Dale Talde - Exclusive

The approach of summer grilling season evokes visions of juicy burgers, loaded hot dogs, perfectly seared steaks, and all the delicious fixings that come along with them. But your backyard barbecues shouldn't have to end once the savory snacks have been devoured. Did you know you can also use your grill to make delicious sweet treats?

Just ask chef, restaurant owner, and grill master Dale Talde. He says "a grill is open for everything," including dessert ... if you know how to do it right. And in an exclusive interview with Mashed, Talde revealed just that. The chef shared many of his most valuable grilling insights while discussing the second season of his Tastemade show, "All Up In My Grill." That includes his take on the best way to make dessert on the grill, so you can stay outside, soak up the sun, and satisfy your sweet tooth all summer long.

Grilled fruit cobbler is the summer dessert of your dreams

If you want to try your hand at grilled desserts, Dale Talde says to keep it simple. Complicated recipes, "making pastries and some of that stuff, that's meant to be in an oven ... I don't recommend it," he told Mashed. Instead, Talde says to approach it like a professional — which ironically means less is more. "Chef's desserts tend to be less sciencey and techy. They have a little more leeway."

And the perfect "chefy" dessert, as Talde puts it, to try your hand at? A grilled fruit cobbler. Whether you like bright, bursting berries, ripe summer peaches, or anything in between, the process is easy: Toss your favorite fruit in a cast iron pan, top it with quick homemade dumpling dough (or even store-bought pie crust), and let it heat away on your grill until the dough is cooked and the fruits are juicy and bubbling. Talde says this is the ultimate dessert to make on the grill because there's room for error, which isn't always the case when it comes to baking. A cobbler "doesn't have to be perfectly 375 degrees for an hour. It can fluctuate a little bit and still be good."

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