Noosa's Frozen Yogurt Gelato Is Finally Here — Here's How To Get It

If you were a teenager in 2012, you remember that going on a frozen yogurt run was the activity of choice. It was a great excuse to whip out your brand new license and drive your friends to get a sweet treat that was deemed healthier than ice cream. Even when we piled our cups high with Oreos and gummy worms, we were still convinced that we were making a healthy choice. Frozen yogurt does have less fat than ice cream, but when you get a size large and load it with sweet toppings, the word "healthy" may need to be taken out of the equation (via CNN).

Regardless of whether it was actually healthy or not, the frozen yogurt industry boomed in 2012, with over $2.5 billion in estimated sales (via Frozen Yogurt Mix). While frozen yogurt shops may be more sparse these days, there are companies like noosa that are still bringing frozen yogurt creations to grocery store shelves. Instead of having to go out in public and pay for your froyo based on how heavy the cup weighs, millennials can now reminisce on the fun of their teenage years in the comfort of their own home with noosa's new frozen yogurt gelato.

Four flavors of noosa's frozen yogurt gelato are now available in stores

Noosa first arrived on the yogurt scene in 2010, where it was sold at Colorado farmers markets and select Whole Foods stores (via noosa's official website). Since then, the company has been at the top of several yogurt rankings — it earned the number-two spot in both ours and LA Mag's lists — so fans are surely excited to see the same quality product in frozen form. This sweet treat is made with whole milk yogurt and is available in four varieties: Strawberries & Cream, Chocolate Fudge, Sea Salt Caramel, and Honey Vanilla Bean. Each flavor is made with real fruit, wildflower honey, and "contains probiotics with live and active cultures," per a press release. You can use noosa's store locator to find this frozen treat near you, or order it online.

If just a few cartons won't do it for you, enter the brand's Ultimate Recess sweepstakes between June 7 and July 7. According to noosa's press release, the winner will receive a 4-day, 3-night, all-expenses paid trip to Colorado (reportedly valued at $20,000) featuring daytime excursions and plenty of frozen yogurt gelato. Noosa will let you bring up to five friends along for the adventure, so if you need help filling the roster, hit us up.