Why TikToker Nick DiGiovanni Adds This Seasoning To Every Meal - Exclusive

No arguments here — seasoning is a total game-changer when it comes to food. If you've ever had a meal that tasted like the Atlantic Ocean, then you know why the right amount of seasoning is important. According to Acril Tea, black peppercorns are the top-selling spice in the United States, followed by ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. If you don't put pepper on everything, your taste buds are missing out.

During an exclusive interview, Nick DiGiovanni told Mashed exactly which seasoning he uses with almost every meal. Any guesses? The TikToker has accumulated 8.9 million followers and over 262 million likes to date, and Nick has been branded the "young Gordon Ramsay" after his appearance on MasterChef. DiGiovanni has been known to break a Guinness World Record or two with his content along with his unique recipe videos that fans can't get enough of. Now Nick revealed what ingredient he can't get enough of.

Nick adds a pinch of salt to every meal

The dynamic duo — salt and pepper — never fails to take a meal from mediocre to out of this world. Nick DiGiovanni explained that if had to pick one ingredient to use for the rest of his life, it'd be salt. The content creator said, "I've tried eating food before without a lot of salt, and it is genuinely difficult." DiGiovanni even launched his own salt company, Osmo, to pay homage to his favorite seasoning and showcase premium cooking and finishing salts.

He continued, "I'm thinking of grabbing a cucumber. It tastes okay without salt, but then when you add that tiny pinch of salt, it's a total game changer." DiGiovanni also said his second-favorite most recent food obsession has been homemade brown butter. Salt and brown butter? Sounds like the ultimate bread topping. 

In addition to his usual videos, the TikTok star paired up with FoodSaver to create delicious recipes with the brand's vacuum sealers. Sous vide is one particular method that has gained popularity, and DiGiovanni showed off the technique by creating some mouth-watering chicken leg and peach cobbler recipes.

Learn more about FoodSaver's vacuum sealers on their website or head to Nick DiGiovanni's TikTok page for more recipes and food tips.