Sarah Thomas Names Her Go-To Fast Food Order - Exclusive

Sarah Thomas has an extensively trained and refined palate. A sommelier by training, she picks up every delicate note and flavor when she tastes a new food. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Thomas revealed that she doesn't just eat food; she experiences it. "Every time before I eat a strawberry, this is just instinct at this point. I smell it. I smell it before I bite it. I smell it after I bite it."

Thomas is the author of the popular children's book series "Kalamata's Kitchen" and uses her platform to promote adventurous tastes and senses in young readers. However, while her career is based on impeccable taste abilities and enjoying fine foods, that doesn't mean that Thomas can't enjoy a, shall we say, less refined meal every once in a while. In her chat with Mashed, Thomas revealed her favorite fast food order, and it's one any kid would agree with.

Sarah Thomas loves the Golden Arches

As the co-founder and author of "Kalamata's Kitchen," Thomas has poured her heart into the book series and website devoted to fostering a love of food adventure in young children. The first book in the series invokes all the senses — as the main character Kalamata travels through aromatic spices and worldly experiences with her alligator friend Al Dente, young readers are introduced to the different tastes, smells, and sounds that food can make. The book ends with a recipe of Kalamata's that entices children to explore foods that may be beyond the typical "kid food" fare.

However, that doesn't mean that kids' favorites are out of the question. As even Thomas admits, she has a fast food favorite. "Oh, this is probably embarrassing to admit," she said with a laugh. "I really like McDonald's french fries." But her go-to order doesn't stop there, as she added, "And, if I'm going to get them, I'm probably getting chicken nuggets also." To top it all off, she also requests McDonald's version of the ever-popular sweet and sour sauce. showing that there is a place for all foods in a kid-friendly diet. 

"Kalamata's Kitchen: Taste Buds in Harmony" will be released on June 28, 2022.