Halo Top Just Created The Most Expensive Ice Cream Ever

Ice cream freezers are not immune to the widespread inflation that's keeping food costs high in grocery stores around the country. According to The Washington Post, some purveyors of the creamy dessert are keeping their supplies in check by reducing the amount of product in each container, which accounts for why some shoppers are noticing their pints getting smaller and smaller — and more expensive — these days.

Even before food prices began to soar, however, the wildly popular low-calorie ice cream company Halo Top was still on the pricier end of the spectrum, as Redditor complaints from 2016 can attest. Even so, that didn't stop the brand from beating out competitors like Ben & Jerry's and Häagen-Dazs as the best-selling pint of ice cream in the U.S. in 2017, per a press release published by Business Wire. Halo Top seems to be seeking another year of success after introducing a creamier version of its light ice cream in April, appealing to consumers who are drawn to the brand's health factor but crave the richness of traditional ice cream. 

Now, in honor of its 10th birthday, Halo Top is out with its priciest and most decadent frozen dessert to date. But here's the catch: According to a statement received by Mashed, there's only one pint on the market. And it might be worth more than your most high-end appliance. Here's how to enter for a chance to claim it. 

Celebrating 10 years with $10,000 ice cream

Jewelry-giving tradition has it that a 10th anniversary should be celebrated with diamonds. Taking this to heart, Halo Top is commemorating its 10th year around the sun with a $10,000 pint of ice cream. Why is it so expensive? According to a press release, shared with Mashed, the price is in the container, not the ice cream itself. Its base of Birthday Cake, a popular Halo Top flavor, is contained in a pint made of $10,000 worth of diamonds, rhinestones, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Quoting the old cliche, the release notes that "diamonds are forever." 

Fans can enter for a chance to win the lucrative pint through Halo Top's "10th Birthday Party Hat Challenge," which the brand explained in a rather hefty breakdown released this week. Essentially, it asks contestants to follow the brand on Instagram or TikTok, post a brief video of themselves "wearing a Halo Top pint as a party hat," and tack on some special hashtags. After entries are in, finalists will be judged "approximately" between July 18 and July 21.

Even before the contest was announced, Halo Top seemed to be in a partying mood. Back in April, the company introduced its new Chocolate Cake Batter flavor on Instagram with a "Happy Birthday" banner and candles to boot. Back then, the brand invited fans to throw themselves a party whether it was their birthday or not. Now that Halo Top's birthday has rolled around, it's hoping for another celebration.