The Common Kitchen Tool That Will Give You Perfectly-Cut Steak Fries Every Time

It doesn't feel good to be a sidekick when the other person gets all the attention, love, and heaps of praise. You wholeheartedly play your part without any hidden agendas or futile attempts to get the much-needed recognition. We can understand how you must be feeling, steak fries. After all, you deserve as much respect as a juicy, tender steak that delivers an explosion of flavors and internal bliss that makes you forget the worries of the world and live in the moment. Oh boy, is anyone feeling hungry?

Okay, we got a bit carried away, but the point is that we believe (and venture to say) steak fries deserve to be embraced as a full meal with a winner dipping sauce instead of being one of the side dishes to go with steak. After all, what's not to love about steak fries? Crispy on the outside with seasoned coating and fluffy on the inside is pure deliciousness and good vibes. Moreover, steak fries are considered a healthier alternative to deep-fried french fries, which are heavy in saturated fats. However, you can make French fries in an air fryer to achieve similar golden and crispy outside and taste without deep-frying, per Real Homes.

Even making steak fries at home is pretty easy, and they are tastier than traditional steak fries you find in restaurants. First things first — you need a tool to cut potatoes into thick wedges, and you probably already have that tool in the kitchen.

The tool you need is not a potato slicer

There are different types of potato slicers, but most of them aren't versatile. Some are ideal for cutting fries, and others can be used for scalloped potatoes. When it comes to steak fries, you need thick wedge-cut fries. This is where an apple slicer comes in super handy. It helps slice potatoes into equally sized pieces without any hassle. Simply cut one end of the potato, place the apple slicer on top, and firmly push it down (via Taste of Home). Add your favorite seasonings, and you're good to go. 

You may also want to choose the right type of potatoes for steak fries. While russet potatoes are ideal for deep-fried french fries, you'd want to go with Yukon gold potatoes for steak fries. It is because Yukon gold potatoes have richly flavored golden flesh, giving a creamy interior to steak fries, per Kitchn. And try to use longer potatoes since they make better steak fries.

Now that you've done the hard part of cutting and roasting steak fries, you can eat them with honey mustard sauce or turn them into one delicious meal by topping them with grated cheddar cheese and grilled pieces of chicken. Have fun!