How A Trader Joe's Shopper Used Salsa To Make 'The Best Fajitas' They Ever Tasted

If you frequently go to Chili's, you've likely seen or ordered a plate of sizzling hot fajitas. There's a sneaky reason the fajitas are always sizzling, and it's to convince you to order a plate at the restaurant. But if you can't get over to your local Chili's or are trying to eat out less, you can still make delicious fajitas at home. According to one Reddit user, the key ingredient to perfect fajitas is a salsa from Trader Joe's.

On the Trader Joe's subreddit, u/Impressive-Solid9009 posted a picture of the store's Guajillo Salsa with the caption, "Turns out that the new guajillo salsa makes a killer marinade." Thankfully, if you want to give this marinade a try, we know exactly what the original poster did with the salsa.

In the comments section, this user explained that they mixed a jar of the salsa with honey, soy sauce, and lime juice to marinate flank steak for six hours. The result? This person said they were "the best fajitas I've ever had." Will you be buying this salsa on your next Trader Joe's run?

Trader Joe's shoppers agree this salsa makes a great marinade for meat

The original poster, u/Impressive-Solid9009, isn't the only person who uses Trader Joe's Guajillo Salsa as a marinade. Although the post was about making fajitas, other Trader Joe's shoppers shared what other meat dishes they had whipped up with the salsa in the comments section of the Reddit post. One person wrote, "We cook Chuck roast in it (a jar and a small Chuck roast piece enough for two people and instant pot for an hour) and shred it like twice a week."

Even if salsa or guajillo chilis aren't your favorite, this product might still be worth trying once. One Reddit user and Trader Joe's customer responded to the original poster saying, "I dont like guajillo salsa by itself, but it is excellent for flavoring meat. Your marinade sounds delicious." Another person vouched for the salsa and commented, "This salsa is SO good. It kind of reminds me of Indian curry."

With rave reviews about the salsa flavor and use as a meat marinade, this could become a more popular item that flies off the shelves quickly. If you want to enjoy this salsa on its own, you're going to need some chips. Don't have any at home? Make some tortilla chips in the air fryer.