Cracker Barrel Is Finally Dipping Its Toes Into Plant-Based Meat

Carnivores have ruled the recipe world for decades, but it looks like the landscape is starting to shift. Plant-based food products are no longer grocery store items tucked away on a single shelf in the frozen section. The demand for these products is on the rise, and according to a MarketsandMarkets news release, it is going to continue to grow. While in 2020, plant-based meat producers saw their market "valued at $4.3 billion," that dollar figure is expected to almost double by 2025 to $8.3 billion. 

Lots of fast food chains, celebrities, and chefs are hopping on the wave. Michael Symon told The Beet reports that plant-based foods have helped him improve as a chef. Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson put their money where their mouths are and invested in these vegetarian-based products (via Plant Based News). Even Gordon Ramsay has secured his spot on the bandwagon, offering up vegan recipes on his website (via Green Matters). McDonald's has been selling its McPlant on a limited basis. Plant-based fried chicken has joined KFC's menu. And the list goes on. Well, get ready to add Cracker Barrel Country Store to that ongoing list because the restaurant known for its all-day breakfast is dipping its toe into the wonderful and wild world of plant-based meats.  

Impossible sausage is coming to Cracker Barrel

Per a PR Newswire press release, Cracker Barrel is adding a plant-based meat option to its Build Your Own Homestyle Breakfast option. That's right, flexitarians and vegetarians. There is now the option to have a plant-based sausage alongside an egg-white omelet or scrambled eggs. Cracker Barrel will still offer bacon, smoked sausage, and a sampler that includes ham. But now there is one more option. And, naturally, customers still get to pick from a variety of sides that include a hashbrown casserole, fried apples, grits, or tomato slices. While prices may vary depending on Cracker Barrel, gusts can expect to pay in the ballpark of $8.99 for this meal. 

Soome social media users seem to be excited about this new offering. One person tweeted, "cracker barrel got some plant based options at last! ...and also stuffed cheesecake pancakes!" And another opined, "Having an egg whites, impossible sausage, biscuits, and grits Cracker Barrel experience. The future is #good." Still, even a person who appreciates plant-based food might go for meat. In 2019,  a member of the Twitterverse recalled this happening, writing, "my grandma in the car: I started an almost plant based diet 3 years ago; my grandma in cracker barrel: yes i'll have the country fried chicken."