The Tweet That Perfectly Sums Up How Fans Feel About Costco's Food Court

With all the perks that come with a Costco membership, one of the most popular benefits is access to the warehouse food court. Who wouldn't be psyched to get their lunch for only $1.50? According to Insider, the classic hot dog and fountain drink combo has stayed the same price for close to 30 years, which is comforting to know at a time when grocery store prices are on the rise due to inflation.

While most of the additional items on the menu also come at a low cost, according to fans, the low price tag doesn't take away from the taste. While the classic chicken bake and vanilla frozen yogurt are highly ranked, the most purchased food court item is the classic pepperoni pizza. Costco does, occasionally, switch the food court menu up which might not be to shoppers' liking. In early 2021 it removed the veggie and meat-filled pizza combo and fans are still begging for its return

And with price tags on the rise everywhere, especially in the U.S., where can you get a to-go pizza bigger than a standard large for $9.95? With savings like that, it comes as no surprise that Costco members rave about the food court prices.

Twitter is laughing it up over a Costco fountain drink

Just like Costco members aren't afraid to air out their grievances regarding missing food court items, fans also take to the internet when discussing Costco's food court savings, even when it comes in jest. One Twitter user joked about her kids sharing a drink at Costco stating "Never seen a cage fight but 1 time I did buy only 1 Costco fountain drink for my 2 kids to share so I get the gist." The tweet is funny mainly because, with a $0.59 price tag, why didn't she just buy two?

Of course, Twitter users jumped in, with one from Canada stating "In fairness, the Costco fountain pop cup is like 26 litres," to which the original poster replied, "and refillable.... What am I a Rockefeller...they can share." Another user exclaimed with what many of us are thinking, "1 drink? 2 kids? Share? You live dangerously!"

While there are secrets to being a Costco member that not everyone is privy to, such as making your food court order at the grocery check-out line or asking for certain items not always found on the standard menu, it's not a hidden fact that the food court is the gem of the store.