Culver's Details Everything You Need To Know About Their From Wisconsin With Love Tour - Exclusive

Wisconsin staple Culver's is hitting the road this summer with their new "From Wisconsin, with Love" tour. The event, which started in May and runs through the end of August, features 17 stops and a 22-foot-long truck serving up Wisconsin classics and bringing some exciting experiences from America's dairyland.

When asked about the impetus for the tour, Culver's VP of marketing Julie Fussner said, "What better way to bring Culver's to people who are a little less familiar with it than by bringing our cheese curds and our fresh frozen custard to their locations and putting on a really fun event?" 

When they say they are exporting Wisconsin, they mean it. The tour features more than food. Fussner added, "Not only do you get to experience the great food, and there's fun activities and everything, but you get to talk to the team members and see they really are different and they love Culver's and they want everybody to be happy."

We sat down with Fussner for an exclusive interview to find out everything you need to know about the tour.

Classic foods

The Culver's tour features two items from their menu. "We are serving our golden fried cheese curds, which are pretty outstanding. Those all come from a dairy in Wisconsin," said Julie Fussner. What says Wisconsin more than cheese curds, deep-fried to a delicious golden brown?

That covers the savory, so for their second option, Culver's went sweet with a frozen classic. "We make fresh frozen custard as well to serve at the tour. You could get that with a couple of different toppings, but Craig Culver himself will tell you should try the plain vanilla because it's pretty outstanding." 

You can't go wrong with either of these two options — and if you try them and decide you can't live without them, don't worry. Each stop is taking place in an area that has a local Culver's, so you can enjoy cheese curds and custard long after the tour has ended.

Immersive experiences

A food truck is just the beginning. "The food is the main attraction, so we hope you come in for that, but then there's other stations," said Julie Fussner. Each event will differ slightly in its offerings, but there are some immersive experiences planned.

One of the events is a real-life cheese sculpture. "We have a cheese sculptor who is literally carving things out of [two] huge 40-pound blocks of cheese ... We create a really cool design and [the sculptor] spends all day carving this huge cheese block."

Other exciting events include the opportunity to "take a selfie with a dairy cow" and play "a Plinko-style game where you can win Culver's swag or other fun prizes." Finally, they have "a digital board where you can learn all about Wisconsin and Culver's and a lot of other fun, small activities, places where you can take fun pictures with your family." No matter what, there is something for everyone.

Giving back and going forward

Julie Fussner noted that giving back to local communities has always been part of the company's strategy: "That started way back in 1984 with Craig and Lee Culver, giving back to the community. They thought if you take care of the community, they'll take care of you." So as Culver's travels the country, they'll be giving back along the way.

The tour includes a charitable activity at each stop. Fussner added that "For the bigger events ... you can vote for one of the two charities that the local community really cares about. Then, we split up the proceeds based on how people vote. At all of the smaller activations where it's mostly just the food truck going, it's always paired with a charitable activity as well, so that we can [continue] giving back to those communities."

The "From Wisconsin, with Love" tour is going on now through the end of August. To find the stop nearest you or to vote for Culver's to come to your location, visit the Culver's Website.