Ranking Pringles Flavors From Worst To Best

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Chips are the king of salty snacks. There are endless varieties and flavors to satisfy whatever craving hits. You can get chips that taste like other dishes, whether it be pizza or fried chicken, or even dessert chips covered in chocolate and other toppings. Lay's may be one of the biggest names in chips these days, but no other brand of canned chips can compete with Pringles. 

Pringles are the original canned chip. The invention of the brand's iconic cylindrical container and saddle-shaped chips came about in the 1950s and 1960s. The idea was to create chips that came in a container that prevented them from smashing, as well as stopped the potato crisps from getting stale or greasy after they were first opened. They are an engineering feat, even if the recipe wasn't perfected until the brand almost failed in the 1970s (via the New York Times). Now, the crunchy snack is available in 100+ countries and in dozens of different flavors. 

Pringles are known for a lot of things: inherent stackability, the fact that putting two together in your mouth makes you look like a duck, they're one of the only snacks you can carry in a backpack, and they are always a solid snack. Considering there are so many different flavors of Pringles available, Tasting Table decided to rank all of the varieties that we could find to figure out which are the best of the best, and which cans you shouldn't add to your grocery cart. 

25. What are Pringles?

Pringles may be found in the chip aisle, but they technically aren't "chips" in a traditional sense. Most potato chips start out as thin slices of potatoes that are then fried in oil. Pringles are labeled as potato crisps, as the brand's recipe uses dehydrated processed potato in its recipe rather than whole slices. In fact, the crisps contain less than 50% of potatoes total. A mixture of the processed potato and other ingredients, including corn flour, cornstarch, wheat starch, rice flour, maltodextrin, and more, is spread out into thin sheets. Then, the saddle-shaped ovals are cut out, cooked, seasoned, and put in a can adorned with a smiling mustached floating head for salt snack lovers to enjoy.  

Aside from the flagship original flavor, the company is always experimenting with different ideas as a way to keep Pringles exciting for its customers. If you're a spicy food lover, there are ever-growing options for you. If you're someone who prefers a crunchy snack, Pringles makes a wavy version that's even crispier than the original versions (and the ridges capture more seasoning). We can't forget about the famous pizza Pringles, which somehow defy the laws of nature and capture the essence of a pizza slice in one crunchy chip. 

We tried to get our hands on as many flavors of Pringles as possible, but availability does depend on location. Regardless, we were able to rank some of the most popular options to cover the basics of all things Pringles. 

24. Wavy Sharp White Cheddar

Pringles have experimented with some truly head-turning flavors over the years (Rotisserie chicken, anyone?) that are likely an acquired taste, to put it nicely. However, one flavor to avoid at all costs that is widely available is Pringles wavy sharp white cheddar. One might expect it to channel the flavor of white cheddar popcorn, but it's the exact opposite. Once you open the can, the smell tells you everything you need to know about what's in store for your tastebuds. One user review on the Walmart website describes the flavor pretty bluntly: "Tastes disgusting. Reminded me of vomit." Now, that's not exactly our choice of words, but we can't completely disagree.

This flavor tastes like poorly flavored seasoning that's trying to channel mature cheese, but totally misses the mark. It has a weird sweetness to it while still being one-note. The wavy chips tend to be crunchier, but the cheese powder is thick and weighs it down, so even the texture isn't enough to save it. Out of all the cans we sampled, this is the only one we didn't instinctually go back for a second bite. Honestly, the aftertaste that is left lingering in your mouth after eating one of these made us reach for a pizza-flavored Pringle as soon as possible. We never want to yuck anyone's yum, but this is one flavor that is better left skipped. 

23. Reduced Fat

The reduced fat Pringles ultimately make no sense as a product. If wavy white cheddar wasn't so bad, this would be dead-last on the list because it's just not a well-thought-out concept. These Pringles are essentially the same as the original flavor chip, but with an off-putting aftertaste that's vaguely artificial. The texture is inconsistent as well, so they just aren't as good as the real thing. When inspecting the ingredients list, these crisps virtually contain the same stuff, though the label doesn't classify exact amounts. The only difference detectable to the customer is the note that the chips in the can contain 25% less fat. It's really not a significant nutritional difference to warrant not just purchasing the original flavor, so we're wondering exactly who this chip is meant for. 

If you're looking for a healthy chip, there are plenty of options at the grocery store from other brands, using healthier oils or that are more vegetable-based and have fewer additives. However, if you're dead-set on indulging a crunchy snack craving that only some Pringles can resolve, just commit to the real deal and get the original flavor. Obviously, if you do have dietary restrictions/reasons that warrant the choice, these are totally a solid option, as they are far from inedible. However, it's not a flavor worth seeking out whatsoever compared to the classic variety. 

22. Scorchin' BBQ

The Scorchin' line of Pringles is the brand's take on spicy snacks to appease the loyal crowd of spicy food lovers (which is smart). As any hot food expert knows, making a dish spicy shouldn't make it suffer in other aspects of flavor. Unfortunately for Pringles Scorchin' BBQ, that's exactly the downfall.

The original BBQ flavor of Pringles is balanced and full of flavors like ketchup, molasses, and smoke that remind you of actual barbecue sauce. In fact, Pringles has a few other flavors that are higher on the list that taste like a better-executed version of this can. Pringles Scorchin' BBQ tastes like a nondescript spicy chip in the most boring way possible. It's like they didn't even try to make this taste like any of the dozens of barbecue sauces on the grocery store shelves. Instead, these chips taste more like someone dumped some chili powder and cayenne pepper in a can of Pringles and shook it up. The results, as you might expect, are disappointing. 

Pringles Scorchin' BBQ isn't so bad of a chip that you can't finish a can, but it's just not worth the effort. If you're going to devote yourself to one snack at the gas station, don't let it be this flavor. You'll be able to enjoy them, but not nearly as much as virtually any other flavor available at your fingertips. Well, except maybe Pringles Wavy White Cheddar. 

21. Lightly Salted

As you might expect, the lightly salted version of Pringles is as bland as can be. Salt tends to be one of those seasonings that's not an option, even if it's used sparingly. It makes sense for people who really have to monitor their salt intake to grab a can of these on their grocery store run. Otherwise, you're better off getting any other flavor, including the original version of the plain crisps. Sometimes, you get a can of Pringles and it suffers from having less seasoning than usual. Opening a can of Pringles Lightly Salted is like purposefully going through that experience, whether you are anticipating that or not. 

Pringles could greatly improve its low sodium option by putting a little more love into it. Since these are lacking salt, the chips could be cooked longer so that they are slightly toasty. Pringles could also add another seasoning like black pepper or lemon zest to add some dimension to this can. We're not knocking Pringles for offering options for people with special diets. Rather, we want this recipe to be the best version of itself. Those with dietary restrictions shouldn't have to sacrifice flavor for the sake of health, even when it comes to something as simple as a can of chips. 

20. Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar cheese is one of those flavors that almost every chip brand has a version of. Pringles just cannot perfect their recipe for cheese-based chip flavors, unfortunately. There's nothing satisfyingly cheesy about this snack, which is probably the entire reason you would even pick up this flavor to begin with. The cheese dust has an odd flavor, and there's not nearly enough of it (which would be a bad thing if it actually tasted better). The ingredients include some of the expected suspects — butter, turmeric extract (likely for added color), cheddar cheese, and buttermilk. It also includes a few interesting additions that may be responsible for the oddness, like buttermilk and sugar. 

Cheese-flavored chips aren't hard to make, as evidenced by all of the popular options from other brands. Pringles Cheddar Cheese just needs more flavor, more cheese, and more effort in general to hold a candle to the competition. Some fans of this chip even believe that in recent years, the flavor of Pringles Cheddar Cheese has changed for the worse. "Whatever they have done to them since then however has caused them to look more like plain chips with some light flavoring and nowhere near as vibrant taste," u/Epsilon-Man wrote on Reddit. We'd have to get our hands on an old school can to compare, which would be tough, but we'll take the word of loyal fans of this flavor and agree that it could be revamped into a cheesy delight that customers deserve. 

19. Scorchin' Cheddar

Pringles Scorchin' Cheddar is just a spicy version of the cheddar flavor that we didn't love so much. It's a bit better because the blanket spiciness actually masks some of the unpleasant qualities of the cheese powder. The seasoning is mildly spicy, so it's actually not bad that the crisps in this can were lacking in powdered flavor. However, hot chip lovers on Reddit don't seem to be fans. " Pringles Scorchin is THE worst hot chip out. Don't know why the mascot is blowing steam when the heat is barely there," u/WatchTheTimbsB wrote. "The actual potato chip is always tasty, but the lack of flavor dust is pitiful and disrespectful."

In general, these are one-note and not worth the hype. The Scorchin' category has way better flavors to offer. In general, most of the cheese flavors (aside from one outlier) are worth skipping when sauntering down the Pringles aisle. Luckily, the brand has plenty of options for spicy-lovers, so you're not stuck settling for the one middle-of-the-road option. If you're going to treat yourself to a can, it better be one of the flavors that is really hard to stop eating. 

18. Original

They're original for a reason — you can't go wrong with the classic salty Pringles. They're crunchy, and it's impossible to eat just one piece. It's a safe bet that no matter who you're sharing a snack with, odds are they'll have a tough time saying no to one of these. It's important to consider that Mashed readers voted Pringles original as their favorite flavor among the bunch, alongside sour cream and onion and BBQ. Classics are classics for a reason and should be respected. It's not enough, however, to put original flavor in the top half of the list. 

The only reason original isn't higher on the list is because everyone knows about it, and Pringles has so many other flavors worth exploring to stick to the OG. It doesn't mean they're bad or you should stop buying them, but we'll always encourage trying something new and expanding your snacking knowledge. 

However, some people will forever hold the original Pringles as their tried and true favorite, and we cannot shame them for that. "I really dislike every other flavour. When I eat Pringles, I'm having it as a snack," u/Laoak wrote on Reddit as an unpopular opinion. "I just want something tasty and addictive to munch on. Pringles fills all of that criteria." More than 500 people upvoted the post to seemingly agree with the bold statement, so it's important for those of us who prefer more adventurous snacks to respect the significance of the classic. 

17. Salt & Vinegar

Salt & vinegar isn't a flavor for everyone, and no two chip brands of this flavor are built alike. Sometimes, the vinegar flavor can be too overpowering and leave your tongue feeling like sandpaper. Pringles knows that this experience makes people stop eating their chips, so the brand did its best to make these as balanced as possible. They have more salt than the original, which is a really important aspect of the flavor combination that is sometimes overlooked. The vinegar has just the right amount of zing that you'd expect, and these chips definitely require the accompaniment of a thirst-quenching drink. 

Pringles are thicker than your average chips, so these salt & vinegar crisps are perfect for adding to sandwiches or burgers. No lunch is more satisfying than a homemade tuna melt with salt and vinegar chips on it, if you're into that sort of thing. These chips would be a good options, so their versatility earned them a higher spot. They aren't Top 5 material, though, just because the flavor can be polarizing in general and it's available from so many other brands. One Walmart user review proclaims that Pringles makes the best salt & vinegar chips of them all, and it's tough to disagree. "One of my favorite snacks of all time," they wrote. "I hope they never stop producing this flavor." 

16. BBQ

Another classic for a reason is Pringles BBQ flavor. Unlike its spicy version, these chips actually taste like the snack version of a delicious and universal barbecue sauce. It's sweet and savory at the same time, thanks to the addition of onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, tomato powder, and citric acid, among other ingredients. It has a nice acidic zip to it that many chips are lacking. 

The only issue is that unfortunately, the can of Pringles BBQ that we purchased didn't have as much seasoning as we would've liked. It's a gamble whenever you buy any flavor of Pringles if it's going to be a can loaded with seasoning or one that's just bland and lacking. It's not fair to totally base our reviews based on those variable aspects, but it's something worth noting. Really, this flavor is just so good that we wished the chips had more of it, which isn't a negative critique. However, we aren't the only people who noticed the lack of seasoning of these crisps. "These are by far my favorite Pringles chips. I love the taste but the only thing is missing is that some of the chips don't really have much flavor," one 2022 Influenster review reads. 

15. Wavy Fire-Roasted Jalapeno

Pringles are either a hit or a miss when it comes to spicy flavors. Jalapeño is a masterpiece in every way. It's everything you want a chip solely reliant on tasting like the pepper to be. Unfortunately, the brand lost its way a little bit with the fire-roasted version. It's not totally awful, but it's just not as good when eaten in tandem with the regular version. There's something oddly artificial lingering in the seasoning of this chip that's hard to detect. 

The regular version tastes like the essence of the actual pepper, whereas this tastes more like jalapeño sauce with other ingredients mixed in. Some people may not mind the toned-down version of this chips, but others are quick to declare this can as one of the worst of the bunch. "Not only do they taste nothing like jalapeños, they are not spicy at all," one 2021 review on the Pringles website reads. "I cannot get the terrible taste out of my mouth. It is stuck. I may have to taste this taste for the rest of my life."

Luckily, the saving grace is that these are wavy. Wavy tends to be better, it's just the way it is. If the regular jalapeño flavor came in a wavy version, it might be enough to top the list. However, the fire-roasted variety doesn't have the same impactful bite, leaving it as one of the more middle-of-the-road flavors in the Pringles lineup. 

14. Dill Pickle

Pickle chips saw a wave in popularity a few years ago, but they're pretty commonplace these days in the snack aisle. It wasn't shocking to discover that Pringles created their own rendition of a dill pickle flavor. Honestly, it's not bad, but it's nothing special to rave about. Regular pickle chips or even kettle pickle chips are more appealing, while these Pringles can get old after a couple of chips. Similarly to salt and vinegar, Pringles executed a perfect balance of flavors. The acidic taste from the vinegar isn't too strong, and there's just the right amount of dill included so you can really taste it. The ingredients list includes dill seed powder, dill extract, garlic powder, onion powder, garlic extract, and mustard extract, which are many flavors present in actual dill pickles. Ultimately, if pickle chips aren't one of your favorite snacks, this can of Pringles is pretty forgettable. 

Even the die-hard pickle chips fans weren't wowed by this rendition. One 2022 review on Walmart from a self-proclaimed pickle lover is a good example. "Dill pickle flavored things are typically my go to. Haven't gone wrong. Until now. The can says "BURSTING with FLAVOR". But I have to disagree. There was such little flavor I couldn't even figure out what I was tasting," it reads. 

13. Wavy Classic Salted

Before you start getting mad at us, hear us out for why Pringles wavy classic salted is a better original chip than the classic Pringles. It comes down to the fact that wavy chips are almost always crunchier, as is the case with this variety. The salt settles in the ridges, so when you place the Pringle on your tongue, the salt dissolves in your mouth before you get that satisfying crunch. 

The wavy Pringles are also just underrated. Most people who prefer things plain might be keen on sticking with what they know, but let yourself brand out a little bit. Pringles wavy is the perfect middle ground: It's safe enough, but also brings some added crunch into your life. We would recommend getting an option that's a little more flavorful, just for the fun of it, but these are a solid plain chip that we can see ourselves going back to. 

Additionally, some customers declare that this version is ideal for pairing with your favorite chip dip. "They are just a little bit crispier than regular Pringles so I could get a scoop of dip with no problem, but still the same great taste," one 2020 review on the Pringles website reads. We didn't test it, but we can imagine that the original version of these Pringles might crack under the pressure of too much French onion dip. 

12. Cheddar & Sour Cream

The one and only crown jewel of cheesy Pringles are the brand's cheddar & sour cream flavor. Honestly, after reviewing the ingredients labels of so many flavors, sour cream seems to make any flavor taste better. It actually resembles the taste of real cheese, unlike some of the other cheesy Pringles flavors available on the shelves. The ingredients list was confusing, as it still includes the mysterious "blue cheese" flavor that seems to derail some of the other varieties. However, the ingredient works in this case. 

Pringles Cheddar & Sour Cream resembles a boxed macaroni and cheese that you doctor up with some seasonings, thanks to the addition of onion powder, lactic acid, citric acid, and more. Sour cream & onion may be a longtime favorite for many Pringles lovers, but this option is underrated and a similar option for those loyal fans. One customer wrote on the Target website that they prefer this flavor to the sour cream & onion variety because they have very different after-tastes. "Couldn't put the can down until they were all gone," they wrote about the cheddar & sour cream flavor. To each their own, and we'll definitely be picking up cans of this flavor from the snack aisle more often. 

11. Scorchin' Wavy Loaded Nachos

Scorchin' Wavy Loaded Nachos-flavored Pringles were not an option we expected to like, but we were pleasantly surprised. The big perk to this flavor is that it actually isn't flavored like nacho cheese, which is a good thing because it would probably taste awful if it were. Jalapeño is in the forefront, which adds a pleasant heat to these chips that lives up to the "Scorchin'" label. There is a slight cheddar cheese flavor, but thankfully, the addition of buttermilk helps boost it up similar to the way sour cream also improves the cheese flavors. 

Do not purchase this flavor of Pringles and expect to get a chip that tastes like a perfect plate of nachos. It's a tall order that is setting yourself up for disappointment to expect any chip to taste exactly like a full meal. However, they are all-around tasty chips and way better than expected. "I love that's it's spicy but still has flavor and taste exactly what it says as well," one 2020 user review on Walmart's website reads. "Had me thinking I was eating real loaded nachos." If you want to get more of a cheese flavor, make nachos with these Pringles as the base for a truly mind-blowing flavor experience. 

10. Parmesan & Roasted Garlic

Parmesan and roasted garlic is a pretty unique offering from Pringles, as evident with the appealing purple can. This flavor is the grown-up version of sour cream & cheddar. The parmesan cheese flavor is sharp but subtle, letting the roasted garlic totally take over with this one. It's what sharp white cheddar Pringles wish they tasted like. However, word to the wise: these will leave you with garlic breath. The garlic flavor is all-encompassing, so if that's not your thing, it's best to pass on this can. 

Additionally, because the garlic flavor is so strong, it's a bit difficult to eat more than a few chips without being a little overwhelmed, which is a con to this can. "Have to really like garlic the garlic taste is defiantly strong in these. They are good don't get me wrong but after a few I didn't want anymore of them," one Influenster review from 2021 reads. 

9. Scorchin' Chili & Lime

Scorchin' Chili & Lime is another amazing spicy option that's the best out of the Pringles "Scorchin'" line of crisps. This chip is exactly as advertised. It tastes like someone took a Pringle, squirted lime juice on it, and dunked it in a bowl of chili powder. Thankfully, the addition of spices like onion powder and garlic powder balance out the flavor so it isn't one-note. It's an explosion of flavors in your mouth that is as refreshing as it is piquant. "These are one of the best chips I've ever come across. The balance of different flavors is right up there with other classic blends of spices and herbs that have stood the test of time," one user review on the Pringles website reads. "I am confident that these could become a new classic flavor among chips to last for decades."

Pringles incorporated just the right amount of lime flavor to make it present and pop, but without making it puckering sour. Beware: these are not for those who can't handle heat, and they might have you looking like the Pringles head on the can with smoke coming out of his ears. Honestly, this flavor would be higher on the list if Pringles didn't come out with a limited-edition flavor that's good enough to be a close competitor. 

8. Wavy Sweet & Spicy BBQ

Pringles Wavy Sweet & Spicy BBQ crisps are the epitome of what barbecue-flavored snacks should be. The original BBQ flavor is good, but this flavor builds off of that to make crisps that you cannot stop eating. It's the spicy notes that amp up this option, rounding out the savory and sweetness with a little kick. Also, the wavy chip base makes these extra crispy than the regular offering. "The sweet & tangy BBQ flavor had the perfect amount of zest with a little bit of a kick, and the thicker texture of the chips had a delicious crunch that I thoroughly enjoyed," one 2019 Influenster review reads. "I've tried other flavors of the new Wavy Pringles, but this one is hands down my favorite."

The sweet & spicy BBQ Pringles are the perfect option for people who like a little heat, but aren't self-proclaimed spicy food masters. If the "Scorchin'" chips are too hot for you, this is just the right balance that won't have you chugging water while you enjoy a crunchy snack. This flavor can rival some of the best BBQ flavors on the market, and it feels like it's severely underrated when compared to some of the more popular flavors on the list. 

7. Sour Cream & Onion

Sour Cream and Onion Pringles are a classic, so it's likely that some of the brand loyalists would be in outrage if it didn't make the Top 10, at least. It's the tried-and-true flavored Pringle that you can never go wrong with. This snack is the perfect companion to a satisfying sandwich lunch, or for packing on the go for picnics and beach days. Sour Cream & Onion Pringles always seem to have the optimum amount of seasoning to make them delicious, but not too salty that you can't devour an entire can in the blink of an eye. "Let's face it Pringles have a ton of great choices but I like what I like and Sour Cream & Onion is the one I come back to the most," one 2020 review on the Pringles website reads. "Great on its own or with a wrap or sandwich to provide that great crunch. Just remember once you pop you just can't stop." 

Sour cream & onion is a flavor done by almost every chip brand, but the Pringles version is one of the best on the market. The crisps are extra crunchy, and unlike bagged options, they never break in transit. The sour cream flavor used by Pringles alone deserves to be in the Top 10, so this chip really is just the vehicle. 

6. Jalapeno

Jalapeño Pringles are some of the most flavor-packed crisps at the grocery store. Unlike many other spicy snacks, these do not taste like nondescript hot sauce. It tastes as close as a Pringle could to a real jalapeño, including that signature kick. There's no mistaking these for anything other than Jalapeño-flavored Pringles, which is why they are such a knockout. A chip brand only nails a flavor like this every so often, so it deserves a shout out (and more people to proudly declare that this is their favorite flavor of Pringles). One customer left a review on Walmart's website warning others that this flavor doesn't last longer than a day in their house. "I tried these out and finished the whole can in less than 24 hours. It's literally as if they just evaporated. I bought two cans the next time and same thing again," the review reads. 

Even if you don't love spicy snacks, this flavor is worth trying. It's not too spicy that will have you overwhelmed, but it's just the right amount of heat. It's another great option for adding to sandwiches, crumbling over macaroni & cheese, or experimenting with in other unusual snacks that may become your new favorite guilty pleasure. 

5. Elote

Remember that limited edition flavor we mentioned? Well, it's elote-flavored Pringles and they're worth running out and finding immediately. In fact, this was one of the flavors even we had trouble tracking down, but we were so glad when we did. Elote is Mexican corn on the cob that is garnished with cotija cheese, mayonnaise, lime juice, and chili powder. Yet again, the snack brand defied nature by capturing everything significant about the dish in one bit. There's a good amount of spice that's rivaled by the bright acidity from the lime. It's creamy, thanks to the addition of some cheese flavors.

The real stand-out in this Pringles flavor is that the corn flavor really shines through. Somehow, it even has a nice roasted element to it like you grilled it over an open flame, but you have to open your eyes and remember that you're just biting into a potato chip. Elote purists might be wary of a major snack brand trying to reincorporate the dish, but at least they did it justice by making it taste remarkably close to the real thing. "They have the perfect spice to them that makes you want to keep eating more and more! Definitely will be keeping my eye open to buy more before they are gone," one happy customer wrote in a review on the Pringles website. 

4. Honey Mustard

Honey Mustard Pringles are truly a diamond in the rough. There are so many flavors repeated by nearly every chip brand, but this is one of the more unusual offerings from the experts in canned chips. It's literally like biting into a crunchy, solid version of honey mustard in the best way when you snack on these. They aren't overly sweet like some honey mustard-flavored products, but also aren't overly acidic and mustard-y for those who aren't obsessed with the condiment. 

"If HMP Anonymous was such a thing my girlfriend and I would definitely be members," one 2021 review on Walmart's website reads. "By far the honey mustard is the best flavor ESPECIALLY if the chip has a lot of "powder" as we like to call it." So you've been warned — these chips are a knockout and once you try them, you'll never look back. Unless you can't stand honey mustard, in which case this ranking doesn't apply to you. 

3. Wavy Chipotle Ranch

Pringles Wavy Chipotle Ranch is arguably the most underrated flavor of them all, because no one is shouting from the rooftops how good these are. Not only are these wavy crisps extra crunchy, but the flavor is like nothing else. Pringles kept the traditional ranch flavor, but with an added kick of a pleasant smoked barbecue spice that lingers on the tongue. If you're looking for the perfect companion to burgers and hot dogs on the grill, this should be your new go-to chip. The only issue is that this flavor is one of Pringles' newest creations, and it's not easy to get your hands on. According to PennLive, the chips are only available at Walgreens stores in the U.S. for a limited time, but they're worth making the trip just to try at least once. 

Pringles Wavy Chipotle Ranch featuring several flavor-packed ingredients, including onion powder, sour cream, apple cider vinegar, buttermilk, and parsley. All of those flavors are perfectly balancing one another out, with no single ingredient outshining the other. Even if ranch or BBQ chips aren't your thing, odds are you will take one bite and agree that these crisps are undeniably tasty. At the very least, we would bet that it would be pretty difficult for you to eat just one. 

2. Pizza

Pizza Pringles are absolutely worth the hype, so it's only right they are crowned as one of the best of the best. Pringles was one of the first brands to really transform a potato chip into something that tastes like a meal. Before snack companies started going over-the-top with their flavor ideas, pizza-flavored Pringles were the moment and everyone had to try them out. One fan on Reddit boldly declared that they are better than the original version, and we can't help but agree. "I simply can't force myself to buy regular Pringles after being exposed to the wonders of pizza Pringles," u/ThreeDogee wrote. "I can't help but go through half a can each time I reach for them."

These Pringles are artificially pizza flavored in the best way, and somehow, even the slight cheese flavor is executed well on these. The tomato powder is the star flavor in these chips, which makes us understand the popularity of ketchup-flavored chips. The other ingredients include cheddar cheese, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, cream, butter, and citric acid, so there's a lot going on in one can. However, the creators add just the right amount of each ingredient to make them blend together seamlessly in a tasty snack reminiscent of the world's best food. 

1. Ranch

We want to shout from the rooftops that Ranch Pringles are the best of the best from the brand. They're just the right amount of underrated, but those who have tried them instantly know why they're at the top of the list. The ranch flavor is everything — it tastes like they dumped a packet of ranch seasoning inside a can of original Pringles and saw what happens (which also sounds like an amazing snack idea in a pinch). Thankfully, the brand nailed the flavors so well that there's no reason not to have these stocked in your snack pantry at all times. 

Pringles Ranch crisps include ingredients such as the trifecta of buttermilk, onion powder, and garlic powder that are always a delicious combination, especially in a chip. A pro tip is to stack a ranch Pringle with a pizza Pringle for an explosion of flavors that ranch dressing enthusiasts will be all too familiar with. There are so many Pringles flavors that are good that it's worth to try a few a pick your own number one. We bet that the ranch flavor will definitely be in the running, though. If that doesn't convince you, die-hard fans of the flavor on Reddit take things pretty seriously when people don't consider this to be Pringles best flavor option. "If you don't say ranch we're not friends," u/thisistrashy28919 wrote.