30% Agree This Is The Best Pringles Flavor

We're all familiar with the feeling of disappointment that sets in after opening a bag of our favorite chips, only to find it's half-filled with air. It makes you question the validity of your purchase and whether or not it was truly worth it, and might even have you furious enough to ditch the snack entirely. If you're tired of being tricked by the illusion of the chip bag, perhaps it's time to trade it in for something more honest, like a tube of Pringles. The brand's colorful cans featuring their recognizable, mustachioed mascot Julius Pringle are always stacked to the very brim with crunchy potato crisps (not chips!), which are almost never broken.

Those that are just now venturing into the world of Pringles may have a hard time deciding which tube to start with — there are 15 flavors available, after all. To help take the work out of picking out your next snack, Mashed conducted a survey asking people to identify their favorite Pringles flavor out of seven options: BBQ, Cheddar Cheese, Jalapeño, Original, Pizza, Ranch, and Sour Cream & Onion.

A total of 603 U.S. participants responded, and within that group, only 19 choose Ranch as the best kind of Pringles, awarding the flavor a mere 3.15% of the vote. Jalapeño and Pizza weren't exactly favorites either, taking 6.97% and 8.62% of the votes, respectively, while Cheddar Cheese earned a slightly more respectable 11.28%. So, what came out on top?

When it comes to Pringles, you can't beat the classics

Out of the seven Pringles flavor options we presented survey respondents with, Original, BBQ, and Sour Cream & Onion were the most popular. The combined trio of classic chip flavors earned nearly 70% of the votes in total, but there was still a clear favorite out of the three.

The tangy and sweet taste of BBQ Pringles won over 14.26% of participants, or 86 people, earning it the third-highest number of votes, while Sour Cream & Onion placed a spot higher to take the silver medal in our poll. The Pringles website claims that the "awesomeness of sour cream, onion, and potato together can't be measured by modern science," and while the may be true, we were able to get somewhat of an idea of how great the combo is, as 25.54% of votes went to the vibrant green Pringles can.

Original Pringles were the only flavor to beat it out, earning 30.18% of votes to be dubbed the best Pringles flavor around, though this should hardly come as a surprise. The simple, salt-coated version of the saddle-shaped potato crisps in their iconic red containers have been on shelves for over 50 years (via Food & Wine), giving them more than enough time to win over chip lovers around the world.