Trader Joe's Shoppers Love The Versatility Of This Fan-Favorite Sauce

There's nothing that completes a meal quite like the perfect sauce. Whether it's drizzled over a savory stir fry, or used as a dipping sauce for your chicken nuggets, the right sauce just adds another layer of delectable flavor to your dish. And nobody appreciates a good sauce more than Trader Joe's fans. The grocery store chain is known for its wide variety of spreads, dips, marinades, and sauces that can take any dish from good to great. From their vegan caramelized onion dip to their spicy red pepper spread to their fan-favorite Green Goddess dip, they have a condiment for just about any time, place, meal, or palate (via Buzzfeed).

Now, shoppers are raving about yet another sauce that has appeared on the store's shelves — Thai Sweet Ginger Sauce. The popular Instagram account @traderjoeslist posted about the sauce, sharing photos of the front and back. It's made with soy sauce, ginger, pickled garlic, coconut sugar, and vinegar, and this flavorful sauce has gotten the attention of TJ's fans who are excited to share their favorite ways to enjoy the complex flavors of this sweet, yet spicy, sauce.

Trader Joe's Thai Sweet Ginger Sauce can be put on just about anything

The Instagram user @traderjoeslist made a post sharing the news of the sauce's arrival. "You can never have too many dipping sauces! Given my love of ginger, I'm having very high expectations for this. I am SO curious about what it'll taste like," they wrote, before asking their followers for suggestions as to what they would dip into this sweet and spicy sauce. Many of their fellow sauce fans were more than happy to share their own ideas. "Toss some crispy chicken wings in here!" suggested one fan, while another recommended "Fried tofu! Battered cauliflower! Drizzled on fried rice!!" One shared a bit of a warning, however, stating "It's very garlic forward. I added more ginger and some red pepper flakes and that makes it chef's kiss on my sautéed shrimp."

Many followers compared this new Thai Sweet Ginger Sauce to another sweet fan favorite, the Thai Style Green Chili Sauce. "I love having the TJ's frozen hash browns with the Thai sweet chili sauce; bet they would also be great with this! Also any steamed green veggies," wrote one shopper. "Almost grabbed this today but was scared! I love the sweet chili sauce and I feel like this would be just as good," agreed another. Based on these social media responses, it certainly seems like this flavorful and versatile Thai Sweet Ginger Sauce already has more than a few fans.