Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Freaking Out Over Its New Green Goddess Seasoning Blend

Have you noticed the reemergence of the Green Goddess? These nostalgia-inducing salads with the herbal, creamy, and distinctively colored dressings are having a moment. Panera has a Green Goddess Cobb Salad with Chicken, and the pizza chain Donatos has a version of this classic. So we're not at all surprised that Trader Joe's has found a way to get in on the goddess love.

Nation's Restaurant News reports that Green Goddess Dressing as we know it dates back to 1923 when, per KQED, chef Philip Roemer of The Palace Hotel in San Francisco first made the dressing for one of the actors in the play "The Green Goddess," who was staying at the iconic hotel. Although The Palace has served the dressing continuously for nearly a century now, the popularity of Green Goddess in the general public has waxed and waned. The dressing experienced an early 1970s resurgence (via Harvest Gold Memories), as marketers began to add avocado and capitalized on the goddess imagery in a new era of feminism as well as consumers' growing interest in California cuisine.

The original recipe from The Palace contained mayonnaise, parsley, chives, tarragon, pepper, lemon juice, and anchovies (via The Washington Post). Of course, the Green Goddess has been reinvented countless times since then, often with a lighter touch, the Post points out. 

Now, Trader Joe's has come up with a way to give its customers the earthy, herby, and fresh flavor of Green Goddess dressing without the mayonnaise and other trappings of bottled dressings.

These Trader Joe's fans can't wait to try it

Trader Joe's new Green Goddess Seasoning Blend sounds like it captures the flavor of the famous salad dressing without the dressing. The Instagram account Trader Joe's List shared a photo of the find, which is so new, it's not even on the Trader Joe's website as of this writing. It appears that a two-ounce bottle is $2.49. The description card says Green Goddess Seasoning Blend has "herbal flavors with pleasant onion notes." (It also mentions "green tint," but no artificial colors are listed on the ingredient label.)

Describing the array of Green Goddess products on offer now at TJs, Trader Joe's List wrote, "we have dressing, dip, cheese, and now a seasoning blend! I can't wait to add this to veggies, fish, or making a yummy dip and very excited for this! [sic]." The post asked for followers' ideas about how to use the blend.

Lots of followers said they'll be trying it on vegetables. Also, "on haddock or salmon," suggested another. One commenter said they would try it on their avocado toast, while another wants to make their own dressing. "With fresh herbs (dill), Greek yogurt, a splash of milk," they wrote. 

Overall, the interest level seems high: "Too much good stuff lol," said one commenter. "I didn't know I needed a seasoning this badly," said another. We're always interested in new products from Trader Joe's, and for $2.49, a new seasoning is definitely worth trying.