Everything You Need To Know About The Me Or The Menu Couples

Starting on Thursday, June 30, Food Network will premiere "Me or the Menu" — a docuseries where married couples put their relationships to the test while working together to ensure their new restaurants thrive. According to Broadway World, the idea of pairing the unique topics of marriage and business ownership comes down to basic statistics. About 60% of restaurants close their doors and 50% of marriages result in divorce.

"Me or the Menu gives audiences an intimate look at the lives of four restaurateur couples chasing their dreams of owning a restaurant, but the stress it creates is like a PRESSURE COOKER as they navigate obstacles, conflicts, and tough decisions affecting their businesses and relationships," Jane Latman, President of Home & Food Content and Streaming at Warner Bros. Discovery said.

Each couple on "Me or the Menu" faces unique struggles at various stages of their lives and food service careers. The series will showcase these obstacles and reveal if the couples — and restaurants — make it through.

James and Jessica

According to Food Network, James Martin has been cooking professionally since he was a teenager, and Jessica Neal has a full-time job on top of making financial decisions for their restaurant, Bocadillo Market. For James, being a chef is his ultimate dream, having completed culinary school and taking the steps necessary to fuel his passion.

Per Broadway World, Jessica feels responsible for keeping the family afloat until James starts bringing in income. Though she's already overworked, she doesn't want to pass her responsibilities at the market onto anybody else that would wind up costing the couple more. This creates frequent income-related arguments in their relationship, causing a strain that could sink the couple if they aren't able to thrive.

Bocadillo Market is located in Chicago, Illinois, and is known for its Spanish cuisine. According to Bocadillo Market's website, James became passionate about Spanish-inspired dishes after visiting Spain as an adult.

Kathleen and Nate

Kathleen Murray and Nate Albert are the owners of Saucy Kat food truck, according to Food Network. Though Nate doesn't share Kathleen's same passion, he gifted her the food truck as his way of proposing marriage. Kathleen started out cooking Italian meals at home, and she hopes to one day turn her food truck into a restaurant. Per Broadway World, her need for support sometimes causes her to treat Nate as an employee rather than a co-owner.

Mistake-prone Nate has lost the business several hundred dollars, making it difficult to reach the level of success Kathleen dreams of. His lack of dedication to the business drives a wedge between their romantic relationship, as Kathleen doesn't believe that Nate is fully committed.

Saucy Kat food truck is an Italian restaurant in downtown Wheaton, Illinois. Its menu includes stuffed shells, garlic knots, meatball subs, sausage baguettes, and more. It also offers meal prep solutions to ready customers for a busy week ahead.

Nicole and Alan

After leaving the military, Nicole Baldwin taught herself how to make vegetarian dishes as she found it effective in treating her mental health conditions, according to Food Network. Currently, Alan Yuhanna has a career in construction and HVAC, though he plans to aide Nicole in her ventures as soon as the restaurant opens. Boasting a healthy, plant-based lifestyle, Greenios will be known for its nutritious veggie burgers.

According to Broadway World, the couple has a rough time affording a location and creating a proper menu, which leads to tension within the relationship. One of the biggest obstacles Nicole and Alan face is the lack of knowledge and experience when it comes to restaurant ownership.

Greenios will be based out of Houston, Texas. Currently, the eatery is attempting to raise $100,000 dollars from investors on Ask For Funding. The company seeks partnerships by providing information that separates them from other startups: its ingredients are locally sourced, it will focus on fresh, nutritious food, and it will provide money to charity to help the community.

Randi and Jeanette

Since its opening about a year ago, Leland has gained quite the footing in the Brooklyn, New York area, per Food Network. Randi Lee, a former bartender, co-owns the establishment with fiancée Jeanette Zinno. Jeanette is not keen on the restaurant industry, yet she helps out her husband by washing dishes, hostessing, and investing a sizeable amount of money, according to Broadway World.

Now that Jeanette is ready to pursue her own dreams, Randi is weary of managing the restaurant without her by his side. The restaurant's hefty debt from investors has even caused the couple to push back their wedding date until they can catch up financially.

According to Leland, the restaurant is named after Randi's great uncle. It's located at 755 Dean Street, Brooklyn, New York, and is a fine dining establishment serving chicken jook porridge, focaccia, squid ink rice, and more. It also includes many gluten free and vegan options.

Who's ready to watch? The season premiere airs Thursday, June 30 at 10 p.m. ET, 9 p.m. CT on Food Network.