Casey's Is Slicing Up A New Pizza This Summer

Casey's has been in the pizza-making game for 35 years and is now the 5th largest pizza chain in the United States, per the Casey's website. Along with serving classics such as cheese and pepperoni, it's known for its breakfast pizza and specialty pizzas, such as a taco-inspired selection. With made-from-scratch dough and fresh, high-quality ingredients, the general store has no issues competing with restaurants and pizzerias.

FanSided echoes the sentiment that the ingredients are what makes Casey's pizza shine above the rest. "Fresh made-from-scratch dough is the backbone of a good pizza. If the crust of a pizza isn't right, you might as well toss it out. Casey's uses a time-tested recipe that perfectly balances the taste of each ingredient with a warm, thin and chewy crust on every pie," Senior Manager of Menu Strategy and Product Development Farrokh Larijani said.

Another thing that helps the popular pizza establishment? Its frequent rollouts and limited-time additions that keep customers coming back for more. While naysayers may be wary of pizza from a general store, there are many underrated foods only purchased at gas stations.

A rewarding summer

To kick of the summer in a delicious way, Casey's will be offering a new, limited-time only BBQ brisket pizza, according to Chew Boom. The pizza will feature BBQ sauce, smoked chopped brisket, mozzarella and cheddar cheese, jalapenos, red onions, and a drizzle of ranch to top it off. Per Business Wire, this new selection was created to celebrate Casey's second-annual Summer of Freedom, a program where rewards members can earn prizes, free gas, and more through the end of the season.

"The BBQ Brisket pizza is everything you love about a backyard barbeque with your friends and family delivered in the best way possible, on a Casey's pizza," said Tom Brennan, Casey's Chief Merchandising Officer.

The new brisket pizza can be ordered in store or on the Casey's app for $16.99. Along with pizza, Casey's offers a wide selection of food items including grab-and-go breakfast selections. To reap the benefits of Casey's Summer of Freedom, visit your local gas station and ask about joining the rewards program.