The One Chef Sarah Thomas Would Want To Cook Dinner With - Exclusive

Many of us would love the opportunity to have a famous chef cook for us. The food would be impeccable, and we would have the luxury of eating only the finest. But just having a great meal prepared by a celebrity chef isn't enough for Sarah Thomas.

Thomas is a sommelier by training, and she worked for a number of years in Eric Rupert's three Michelin-starred restaurant Le Bernardin. She is no stranger to fine food and celebrity chefs — so it is no wonder that instead of having a chef simply cook for her, Sarah Thomas would rather be right in the action and cook with the famous chef.

It is also no surprise that Thomas, the author of Kalamata's Kitchen, would choose a famed cookbook author as her celebrity chef. So who did Sarah Thomas name as the famous chef she would like to cook with? She let us know in an exclusive interview with Mashed, where she chose someone whose writing has brought them even more renown.

Who Sarah Thomas wants to cook with

Sarah Thomas said she'd love to make a meal with Madhur Jaffrey. "I would love to cook with Madhur Jaffrey. She's a chef. She's not working in a restaurant, obviously, but that's someone I've just looked up to for so many years. I love her writing. I love her storytelling ability. I love her food. I wouldn't want her to cook for me necessarily because I would want to insert myself into that process in any way I can."

Jaffrey is a prolific writer and has written several cookbooks, which have gone on to win the prestigious James Beard Foundation awards. She started her career as an actress before finding her way into cooking and cookbooks. The two worlds blended in the '80s and '90s when she hosted a series of cooking shows. Jaffrey has had a remarkable career, and her food and cookbooks are renowned the world over — we can see why Thomas would want the chance to cook with this legend.

Sarah Thomas' new book, "Kalamata's Kitchen: Taste Buds in Harmony," is now available wherever books are sold.