Skrewball Isn't Messing Around With Its New Canned Offering

The Dirty Shirley may be the drink of the summer, but an even broader trend appears to be eclipsing seasonal fads in the adult beverage world: teeny-tiny cans. Thanks in part to a resurgence in canned wine — which was a thing long before it was popularized by Francis Ford Coppola's Sofia Mini in 2004, per Vine Pair – purveyors across the beer, wine, and spirits industry have steadily taken to selling their products in adorably stout aluminum vessels. The trend is particularly popular among people on the go, and it's easy to see why; it's far easier to tow a few canned cocktails to the beach instead of weighing down a cooler with gin, Campari, vermouth, and oranges (not to mention glasses and ice) for a batch of Negronis.

Skrewball — which touts itself as the progenitor of "the original peanut butter whiskey" — is the latest spirits company to hop aboard the mini can train (via PR Newswire).

A 100 ml can of whiskey meant for poolside sipping

Skrewball unveiled its two-serving 100 ml cans in a June 28 news release, expanding its lineup beyond glass bottles for the first time. Unlike canned cocktails, the new minis don't include any mixers, which makes them "perfect for sipping straight," per the brand.

The announcement notes that canned spirits have seen a 123% growth from the previous year, which the brand credits to a demand for "convenient and portable products" for consumers to "integrate into their lifestyles." Judging from its promotional materials, we gather that Skrewball is referring to young and active party people who like to hang out "by the pool, at a backyard barbecue, or on the beach." As a San Diego-based brand, it makes sense that the company markets itself toward such an audience. That said, nowhere in the news release does the brand discourage consumers from cracking open a tiny can of Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey from the comfort of their couches.