Why Disney's New Cocktail Is Such A Ridiculous Price

Disney might be the most magical place on Earth, but there's a pretty hefty price to pay for that magic. If you want to experience the wonders of the EPCOT Center or stroll through the Magic Kingdom, you better have a good chunk of change on you. While some may argue that the park's high prices are a case of Disney flexing its monopoly-sized muscles to squeeze the little people out of their money, WDW Travels claims that the high prices are simply paying for the cost of upkeep and sheer employee count, considering how many actors, maintenance workers, and other employees work for the park. It's like paying the toll to enter the kingdom of magic and make-believe.

Food and drink prices have been increasing at Disney, and spirits are some of the most expensive offerings at the park. This may be due to the fact that liquor is only available in certain restaurants around the park, making alcohol a relative commodity, or perhaps this is just the price one must pay for the experience of drinking a Disney-themed cocktail. According to Disney Dining, these elaborate drinks range from a $25 tiki cocktail to a jaw-dropping $137 cocktail at the California Grill. If the drinks don't hit you hard, the prices sure will.

The theme park's newest drink continues this trend, asking guests for an astounding $5k if they want to enjoy what Disney calls "the Galaxy's Rarest" cocktail (via Inside the Magic). 

What makes this cocktail worth $5,000?

In a recent tweet, theme park journalist Ashley Carter calls this new Disney cocktail "the most expensive drink in the galaxy," which hints that this cocktail is themed after "Star Wars." Indeed, the Kaiburr Crystal is based on "Star Wars" and will be served exclusively on Disney's latest cruise ship, "The Wish." According to Disney Cruises, the ship will feature several cutting-edge experiences based on Marvel films and hits like "Frozen." The cruise also has a "Hyperspace Lounge" restaurant, which is where you can find and purchase the Kaiburr Crystal. 

Should you have the stomach and the wallet to purchase the cocktail, Delish notes that the drink will be brought out to you in a "droid-inspired case," which will then dramatically open with flashing lights and smoke effects like you just opened a high-tech treasure chest. What's in this drink that could justify such a price tag? We aren't too sure either. Inside the Magic tells us that it's surprisingly hard to figure out what's in it, as Disney employees on board "The Wish" are being incredibly tight-lipped about it.

This isn't the first time Disney's banked on "Star Wars" to bring in the big bucks. The Galactic Starcruiser Hotel in Disney World has become a controversial topic among even the most die-hard Disney fans, who have balked at the hotel's outrageous prices and "juvenile" advertising (via Disney Tourist Blog).