Gordon Ramsay Was Just Recognized In A Big Way

Scottish-born chef Gordon Ramsay has yet another accolade to add to his laundry list of achievements. Per Ramsay's website, the restaurateur has 7 Michelin stars. But getting to the top wasn't a cakewalk. In a CNN interview, the chef opined, "I should never have made it this far," referencing his rough upbringing, and yet he prevailed. These are not the types of admissions we are used to hearing from Ramsay who is as well-known for his potty mouth as he is for his exceptional cooking. The "Hell's Kitchen" host has come a long way and is constantly pushing himself to do more.

Per ABC News, Ramsay characterized himself as someone who seeks excellence: "As a soccer player, I wanted an FA Cup winner's medal. As an actor you want an Oscar. As a chef it's three Michelin stars, there's no greater than that. So pushing yourself to the extreme creates a lot of pressure and a lot of excitement, and more importantly, it shows on the plate." Well, the culinary television personality's perfectionism has won him bragging rights after receiving a new honor.

Gordon Ramsay was recognized for his success

Not that life is a contest based on recognition for success, but if it was, Gordon Ramsay would be winning. A survey conducted by a betting site called Slingo has announced Gordon Ramsay is the world's most successful celebrity chef. Slingo explained that their selection process looked at a number of factors, including "which have the most Michelin Stars, how many restaurants they own, how many different countries they have restaurants in, and their social media earnings." The culinary star – who is approaching the 14 million mark for followers on Instagram – has worked in 16 countries and has had a total of 63 restaurants throughout his career.

Ramsay beat out both French chefs Alain Ducasse and Anne-Sophie Pic, receiving 9.37 points out of 10. The celebrity chef also appears to be winning outside of the kitchen, leading a glamourous life that includes hanging out with actors and rockstars. In fact, last year, Ramsay had Instagram freaking out over a pic with Post Malone. Success has followed Ramsay to the small screen as well. Variety said that Season 2 of his new series "Next Level Chef" is slated to follow Super Bowl LVII in 2023. Citing an undisclosed "TV Insider," The Sun reported that he is also gearing up for another season of "Road Trip" despite a tweet to the contrary by co-star Gino D'Acampo.