Padma Lakshmi Can't Get On Board With This Scrambled Egg Method

Eggs hold a special place in the repertoire of a chef. The way they prepare their scrambled eggs can be deeply personal and oh so different. Alton Brown told Food Network he likes to, "Get the eggs out of the pan before they're done all the way — they'll finish cooking on the plate." Brown also likes to add an unexpected ingredient to his scrambled eggs: Mayonnaise.

Per Refinery29, Gordon Ramsay starts with a cold pan, placing both his butter and eggs into it before firing up the stovetop. The food site shared Bobby Flay gets both his butter and creme fraiche melting on medium heat before adding his eggs. Paula Dean shared with PopSugar that she uses bacon fat when she prepares her version of scrambled eggs. Martha Stewart keeps hers simple with no add-ins but states there must be continuous movement of the eggs while they are cooking (via

Unsurprisingly, Padma Lakshmi, the host of Bravo's "Top Chef," has her preferences for this dish, too. In fact, she has previously discussed having an enormous affinity for eggs (via Bon Appétit). But when a writer for Insider described a trendy and unconventional method they tried for making scrambled eggs, Lakshmi could not get on board.

Time saver or egg slayer?

Food Insider tweeted out an article about using a slow cooker to make scrambled eggs, and the "Taste the Nation" executive producer retweeted it with a simple, "Respectfully, no." To be fair, the Insider writer who tested the method, said it was worth the hour of waiting for these eggs if you need to make a large batch. However, Padma Lakshmi is known for being particular about this dish. In 2013, she told Bon Appétit, "I don't really do scrambled unless I do it myself. I don't like my eggs overcooked – it just takes the pleasure out of them for me."

Twitter seemed to be siding with Lakshmi on this one. User @bdonmoyer responded: "and I thought microwave scrambled eggs were blasphemy." Another platform user, @nan, hilariously joked, "In the meantime, everyone eat cereal. 57 more minutes for the eggs, you guys." An hour of waiting does seem excessive, but we are also followers of the philosophy that states, "Don't knock it until you try it." Maybe there is a place for this method. MyRecipes notes that if you have to cook for a crowd, you can scramble your eggs ahead of time and let them stay warm in your slow cooker.