Corona Flavors Ranked From Worst To Best

Before the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the word "Corona" was associated with beach beer in a clear glass served with a lime wedge. This Mexican beer has been available in the U.S. since the late 1970s and it is one of the most popular mainstream beer brands today. The Corona brand operates under the Grupo Modelo wing of the Anheuser-Busch company. 

It's no surprise that Corona is one of the most popular beers in the world. In 2021, the brand was valued at an estimated $5.8 billion (via Beverage Daily). Aside from the traditional line of refreshing and light beers, Corona has gone on to expand into other canned beverages like hard seltzers and canned cocktails.

Corona now offers an extensive line of drinks. The Corona Premier or Corona Light varieties are great options for those who are looking for a beer on the lighter side. These beers are essential additions to any bar fridge. If you're looking for a tropical fruity drink to sip on poolside, then Corona Refresca flavors may be perfect for you. 

While the Corona brand offers several different drinks, some of the brand's products pretty clearly stand above the rest. If you're planning to explore Corona's drinks, it's essential to know which beverages are worth adding to your cart at the liquor store and which flavors are worth skipping. 

26. Corona Hard Seltzer Limonada Watermelon

Lemonade is one of the top-tier mixers for alcohol. This acidic drink forms a perfect flavor balance between sweet and sour that can mask even the most abrasive vodkas or tequilas. Since lemon and seltzer go so well together, it makes sense that Corona has expanded its line of hard seltzers by releasing a lemonade-inspired drink. This seltzer may sound like a simple addition to a drink that will create a drink that a majority of people would enjoy; however, this flavor isn't quite worth raving about. 

Corona Hard Seltzer Limonada Watermelon is the weakest drink in Corona's lineup. Watermelon can be a hit or miss in drinks unless you're slicing up the fruit yourself and muddling it into your cocktail. The watermelon flavor in this seltzer is so artificial that it's difficult to keep drinking. One reviewer wrote on Influenster, "These were just "ok" to me. Certainly not something I would buy again. If It was the only thing to drink, then I'd grab it."

25. Corona Hard Seltzer Seltzerita Peach

The Corona Hard Seltzer Seltzerita in peach flavor is another solid concept with poor execution. Several reviews on Total Wine point out the salty aspect of this line of drinks. The idea underlying the Seltzerita drinks makes sense: The brand was trying to channel the classic taste of a margarita with a salt rim. However, this product has an unusual level of saltiness paired with a syrupy peach flavor that results in a drink with 6% ABV that (dare we say it) isn't even worth the buzz.

One customer wrote in a review on Target,  "I'm definitely not new to hard seltzers and love Corona, but this is absolute garbage ... I can truly drink anything, but this is hard to get down." You're better off avoiding this flavor altogether so you end up with something that goes down your throat, not your drain pipes. Speaking of dumping it in your sink, one user wrote in a review on Drizly that the taste reminded them of dish soap. Certainly not ideal for a drink.

24. Corona Hard Seltzer Seltzerita Mango

The mango-flavored Corona Hard Seltzer Seltzerita utilizes a fruit flavor that is a little bit better at channeling the margarita vibe though it still falls victim to being oddly salty with an almost briny taste. If you're someone who always picks the mango-flavored White Claw first out of the variety pack, these might be passable. "Probably the best so far but nah," one user wrote in a review on Untappd.

Even though the Corona brand flavors its Seltzeritas with real agave and cane sugar, there's nothing truly satisfying or thirst-quenching about cracking open one of these. Don't let the breezy branding fool you. 

The artificial mango flavor used in canned seltzers just doesn't hold a candle to fresh mango juice, and it's evident in this drink. Unlike some other canned cocktail options that leave you lingering with an unsatisfying aftertaste, Corona Seltzeritas hit you head-on with an unusually tangy flavor that sets the tone for the rest of the can. 

23. Corona Hard Seltzer Limonada Lemon Lime

Corona Hard Seltzer Limonadas and Seltzeritas are both sold in variety packs, and both feature two good flavors and two that could use some improvement. Corona Hard Seltzer Limonada Lemon-Lime can be buddied up with watermelon in the category of the less tasty flavors in the case. It's a shame because this is essential the default "original" flavor that should set the tone for the others, but it's outshined by fruitier versions of the mix. 

The lemon-lime flavor of Corona Limonada is closer to a soda than fresh lime juice, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. This 4.5% ABV drink would just benefit from a tweak in the recipe to bump up the acidic lemony flavor as well as temper the overall sweetness. "Very drinkable and doesn't really feel like a seltzer, also quite lemony," one user wrote on Untappd about the flavor.

22. Corona Hard Seltzer Blackberry Lime

If you're not an avid drinker of Corona Hard Seltzer then you might have missed the entire line of the product's flavors. Corona originally released its hard seltzer in flavors like cherry, mango, and blackberry lime. Today, Corona also offers more complicated blends like strawberry kiwi and watermelon lime. The blackberry lime flavor us a solid hard seltzer for berry-lovers: The sweetness of blackberry and tartness of lime form a nice backdrop of flavor in the bubbly beverage. 

As one die-hard fan wrote on Twitter, "Corona Hard Seltzer blackberry lime is where it's at." The biggest issue facing Corona's blackberry lime seltzer is that the brand made new flavors that just taste way better, which makes you forget about the original four. It's easy to forget about blackberry lime cans in the cooler among other shiny and new options that offer exciting flavors that live up to the hype. 

21. Corona Hard Seltzer Citrus Lime

One of Corona's bright new flavors that is also, sadly, pretty forgettable, is its new Corona Citrus-Lime Hard Seltzer. This is basically a fancy name for a seltzer that contains a mixture of orange and lime flavors, which is pretty standard for with and without alcohol. It's a zesty drink that should be served cold to be properly enjoyed. 

Thanks to the seltzers' 4.5% ABV content, it's an easy flavor to drink quickly and move on to the next. While this is unlikely to be your favorite flavor, it will likely live up to your expectations surrounding a standard hard seltzer: It's bubbly and refreshing. "Yet another pilferage from wife's seltzer stash on the second shelf of the refrigerator. Orange and lime zest, in a pleasant low-carbo, no-stevia, crisp poolside refresher. None too shabby," one user wrote in a review on Untappd.

20. Corona Hard Seltzer Seltzerita Classic Lime

Corona did much better with the classic lime flavor of its Hard Seltzeritas, but it's still one of the best flavors on offer. The bright lime flavor pairs better with the peculiar saltiness and helps ease you into that upfront intensity. 

While it's not as sweet and off-putting as some of the other flavors, it's still better than some of the other options on the market. Corona's Seltzeritas contain 6% ABV, 130 calories, and 4 grams of carbs a piece, so these drinks have a bit more flavor (and alcohol content) if you're looking for a drink with more legs than a mild spiked seltzer.

The lime Corona Seltzerita could never be mistaken for a real-deal margarita in a blind taste test, but it gets the job done. "Was afraid it was too sweet but definitely not. Almost taste like a 6% vodka soda with lime. Not great but drinkable," one user wrote in a review on Untappd

19. Corona Refresca Coconut Lime

Corona Refresca is the most unique product out of Corona's line-up of drinks. It's a full-flavor canned cocktail that is the perfect pick for people who can't bring themselves to enjoy beers or seltzers. The Refresca line of drinks is infused with punchy tropical flavors that are far too easy to chug on a sunny day. 

Out of the four Corona Refresca flavor options, the coconut lime is the universally least appealing of the bunch. It's an absolute must-try for people who cannot get enough coconut. However, if you're not a major fan of coconut, the overwhelming coconut fragrance and creaminess might steer you away from this can.

One Influenster user wrote in a review, "My fav was guava lime and least favorite was coconut which tastes like a pina colada soooo still good." Those who love this flavor really love it, with one Total Wine customer begging the brand to "bring back" the single flavor pack featuring only the Coconut Lime Refresca without the other flavors. 

18. Corona Hard Seltzer Watermelon Lime

Where Corona Limonada's watermelon flavor suffers, the brand's hard seltzer succeeds. The watermelon lime flavor is the quintessential summer drink, so it fits in very well within the Corona Hard Seltzer Tropical Mix Pack. It's a hard seltzer, so it doesn't quite taste like biting into a perfectly ripe and juicy piece of fruit: It's more a subtle flavor that Untappd reviewers compare to the essence of a watermelon-flavored Jolly Rancher with a hint of lime.

While the watermelon flavor is a little one-note, it compliments the light seltzer beverage very well. It could benefit from some more lime flavor just to add an additional layer of depth to the drink, but you could always squeeze a wedge of lime into the can for yourself if you feel so inclined. Drinking this seltzer with lime is bound to feel pretty natural since this hard seltzer is made by Corona. As one Untapped review reads, "This is incredibly refreshing on a 90 degree day."

17. Corona Hard Seltzer Seltzerita Strawberry

The strawberry flavor is hands down the best version of the Corona Seltzerita, and it's really the only one worth picking up. Strawberry flavor is pretty hard to mess up, and the sweetness from the berry flavor does wonders for that unusual salty aspect of this drink. It's pretty obvious that this is the stand-out flavor among the four Seltzeritas as reviews on Untappd echo:  "Best one in the pack," one user wrote.

If you're stuck at a party at which Corona Seltzeritas are the only available beverage of choice, it's definitely worth hogging the strawberry flavor. If you have other options, like a real margarita, this could be a can that you drink once before moving on to a complex cocktail. This flavor is not really worth seeking out, but it will do in a pinch, and it's one of those drinks that must be enjoyed as iced cold as possible. 

16. Corona Hard Seltzer Mandarin Starfruit

The mandarin starfruit flavor of the Corona Hard Seltzer should taste like the more sophisticated version of the citrus lime, but the results are similar and a little bit indistinguishable. The biggest issue with this drink is that it's a little too light in terms of flavor to be remembered. The flavor of starfruit isn't exactly easy for the drinker to pin down, so this drink ends up tasting like an average seltzer with a splash of nondescript citrus juice.

"Light and fruity, but does starfruit actually have a flavor," one user wrote in a review on Untappd. Corona Hard Seltzer Mandarin Starfruit is the forgettable one of the bunch. It often plays into what people who hate seltzer say to diss the drink: It tastes like nothing. It's not a bad addition to the pack, but it's not one of the cans people will be fighting over. It simply cannot keep up when compared with some of the other flavors in the pack like spicy pineapple and watermelon lime

15. Corona Refresca Guava Lime

Guava is another genius flavor to incorporate into the tropical flavor explosion of the Corona Refrescas. Guava is a delicious and floral fruit that pairs well with the acidity of lime since it is a little sweet. The fruit adds a thicker consistency to this drink which isn't bad, although this also means that it should be served freezing cold for the optimal experience. 

The Corona Refrescas drinks are perfect for someone who likes their cocktails sweet and without a strong taste of alcohol. At only 4.5% ABV, the guava lime flavor is a light sipper that is pleasant in both taste and effect. 

As one Influenster user wrote in a review, "This is such a refreshing drink with a hint of alcohol that I cannot even feel it ... It has a guava scent and flavor and it is just my favorite summer/party drink." It is important to note that, unlike the seltzers, these cans have about 180 calories apiece and 22 carbs per serving. 

14. Corona Hard Seltzer Limonada Grapefruit

Grapefruit Limonada may sound like a drink that's just begging you to pucker your lips, but Corona has somehow mastered the tricky flavor and even spiked it with some booze. This drink is a thirst-quenching mashup of three citrus fruits that, when put together, taste like summer in a can. The grapefruit tastes pretty fresh and doesn't overpower the notes of lime and lemon.

One user on Untappd wrote in a review that they wish the can had a little more carbonation, although the level of fizziness may vary among packs. The particular can that this customer drank felt "like it was left open for an hour beforehand." Others on Untappd who have tried the flavor seem to agree that the subtle flavor makes this drink the best of the pack as it feels simply effortless.

Other options like watermelon and lemon-lime taste like they're trying too hard to wow you with overly sweet flavors that just end up falling flat. The Grapefruit Limonada is a lesson that sometimes, less is more.

13. Corona Hard Seltzer Spicy Pineapple

Spicy pineapple might sound scary, but Corona manages to capture the spicy-sweet pairing in a subtle way with its Corona Hard Seltzer.  Unlike the original pineapple flavor, this seltzer has a bit of a kick, but you won't need another beverage on deck to cool down your taste buds. 

This is an incredibly bright drink that really stands out in the sea of regular pineapple seltzers, and it's this individuality that makes this drink more delicious than some of its constituents in the 12-pack like the strawberry and other flavors.

Many Influenster users were quick to mention that pineapple is their favorite flavor out of Corona Hard Seltzer's tropical variety pack. "With an abv of 4.5%, there really isn't much room for sugary cover-ups & that's another reason why I love these hard seltzers – the good ingredients shine through," one satisfied customer wrote. 

12. Corona Refresca Más Mango Citrus

Corona's answer to high-alcohol canned cocktails on the market is the Corona Refresca Más, with is exploding with mango and orange flavors. Even though this drink contains 8% ABV, it almost could be confused for a tropical orange juice upon the first sip, which is a welcome surprise. 

It's another drink option that relies on being super sweet, but it works better in terms of the flavor pairing than some other products on this list. Corona sells this drink in a 24 oz can that contains about 250 calories and 25 carbs, but it will likely leave you feeling buzzed after just one drink. 

Many customers on Total Wine revealed that although they were hesitant to try the boozy drink, they were pleasantly surprised by the drink. "If you're into Mexican candy this is for you," one user wrote. Another customer suggested adding a bit of Tajin seasoning to the drink as a spice that cuts through all of that sugar. 

11. Corona Light

Corona Light Beer is the brand's original take on the low-calorie beer craze. It's a solid option that isn't as full-bodied as Corona Extra, but that's probably exactly what you expect when picking up the lighter version. It has just 99 calories, less than 5 carbs, and contains 4% ABV per serving.

Corona Light is one of those beers that has a similar taste to a pilsner but with the distinct identity of a Mexican beer. It also tastes much better with a juicy slice of lime, which also helps amp up the flavor.

Some reviews from Influenster users declare that Corona Light is a less-funky version of the original. "Flavorful and refreshing, can't go wrong with this classic cerveza," one customer wrote. Others wrote that there is a nearly indistinguishable difference between Corona Extra and Corona Light, which is a sign of a job well done. 

10. Corona Hard Seltzer Blueberry Açaí

The mild blueberry açaí flavor is another stand-out in the berry pack of Corona Hard Seltzers: It's almost too easy to enjoy. This is another flavor that Corona should consider putting in a pack of its own because three out of a dozen is simply not enough. 

Blueberry is a light flavor that can get lost behind the bubbles of sparkling water or can end up tasting overly artificial. Blueberry works very well with the tart flavor of açaí, which adds notes resembling blackberry to the drink. 

The blueberry and açaí hard seltzer is extremely light, so it won't be your favorite if you prefer the full flavor of a Corona Refresca. However, it's still a good option to consume in between sweeter alcoholic beverages to give your tongue a break from all of that sugar. There's also something wonderfully authentic about this blueberry flavor: "Taste just like blueberries," one Untappd user wrote in a review. 

9. Corona Refresca Pineapple Lime

A pineapple-flavored drink is always a good idea but Corona understands that seltzers aren't everyone's beverage of choice. If you're looking for a drink resembling a piña colada in a can, then the Corona Refresca infused with pineapple and lime is the way to go. It's definitely quite sweet, but it's an absolute treat of a drink in a can.

The Corona Refresca Pineapple Lime flavor is incredible, particularly for people who can't get through summer without a case of the stuff. "Pineapple-forward in a good way," one Untappd user wrote in a review. " Tastes like it should come with a little tropical umbrella." 

You always have the option to pour this drink on ice in a fancy glass and add your own umbrella and lime wedge to feel like you're really on a tropical vacation, even if you're just drinking it at home in the backyard. 

8. Corona Extra

Corona Extra is incredible. All the rest of Corona's products wouldn't exist if this original beer didn't pave the way forward. It's a tasty lager that tastes the same every time you pop open a bottle, add a slice of lime, and consume it as it's meant to be enjoyed. This beer is light and refreshing, and it's a true classic. 

"It is very refreshing on a hot summer day, cold winter day, or any other day," one Total Wine customer wrote in a review. Others declare that this beer is consistently good and that they always count on it as a reliable drink option.

However, some customers mention the fact that Corona Extra is easily "skunked" due to the clear bottles due to the clear bottles. "It honestly just has a bit of a "skunked" flavor to it which I absolutely abhor," a user wrote on Reddit. "I have tried Corona once or twice and have never gone back."

7. Corona Hard Seltzer Limonada Strawberry

Even though they're sold in a variety pack, not all Corona Limonadas are created equal. The brand is just good at channeling berry flavors into its drinks, which is why the strawberry Corona Limonada is the best of the four Corona Limonada flavors. The sweetness of the strawberry pairs well with the sour nature of lemonade. It's easy to  forget you're drinking alcohol when you're casually sipping on one of these. 

"The flavors (watermelon, grapefruit, lemon lime, and strawberry) taste real and not fake like some seltzers do. And they're not overly carbonated so you can sip, sip, enjoy," one Influenster user wrote in a review.

Corona should make a pack of just the grapefruit and strawberry Limonada flavors to attract more people to try the product: These two flavors are the stand-out drinks of the bunch, and, unfortunately, are bogged down by the other two varieties that are lacking in flavor, namely the lemon lime and watermelon. 

6. Corona Hard Seltzer Raspberry

Corona Hard Seltzer raspberry is one of those palatable flavors is also highly popular. An iced-cold raspberry seltzer isn't a novel idea, but Corona has executed it well enough to make this version truly stand out. 

This seltzer is perfectly crispy and bubbly with a nice subtle raspberry flavor. It's perfectly fine on its own, but it's also a good option to use in a loaded cocktail as it's a pretty universal seltzer. On its own, this can resembles a toned-down version of a vodka with a splash of cranberry juice or some other fruity mixer. This flavor is nothing spectacular, but it's always a reliable pick. 

Many Influenster reviews of Corona's line of hard seltzer mention that raspberry is one of the best flavors of them all. "If you like seltzer you will love this! It does have a light fruity seltzer flavor," one user wrote about the flavor. "Great for an evening with friends on the back porch!"

5. Corona Hard Seltzer Strawberry Kiwi

Corona Hard Seltzer's Berry Mix Pack reigns supreme, and the strawberry kiwi flavor is by far the best drink in the pack. Strawberry and kiwi generally pair quite well together because the overall taste is both sweet and tangy. It's a classic flavor pairing that is difficult to dislike. It's somehow an easier flavor to master in seltzer form as it manages to attain the right level of intensity: The flavor is rangy and sweet without overtly overpowering the tastebuds. 

This is one of the flavors that Corona should consider selling in its flavor pack because it's good enough to stand on its own. This flavor could be improved by increasing the slightly sour notes from the kiwi, although the current levels attain a crowd-pleasing amount that keeps this seltzer pleasantly enjoyable. The berry-based seltzers also seem to have more carbonation than other Corona seltzer varieties, although this could vary from pack to pack.

4. Corona Premier

Corona Premier might be confusing because it's kind of like a cross breed between Corona Extra and Corona Light. It's a low-carb beer that absolutely doesn't taste like it. Corona Premier has the light, refreshing taste of a solid beer. 

If Corona Familiar is the beer to sip on and enjoy slowly, then Corona Premier is the one to grab if you're looking for a drink you can chug in hot weather to cool down. It's a good pick to convert people who believe that all light beer is glorified water as you get to watch their amazement at the incredible taste of this 90-calorie beer. 

Corona Premier is one of the newer beers in the bunch, but it has already developed a solid following. As one Total Wine customer wrote in a review, "I didn't know Premier was a "ultra light beer" I thought it was a fancy Corona. Overall a light crisp refreshing corona definitely will buy more." Other customers echo this sentiment and agree that this is one of the best low-calorie mainstream beers on the market.

3. Corona Hard Seltzer Pineapple

Corona's range of hard seltzers is undoubtedly its most extensive line of drinks, but one flavor stands above the rest, and it's good enough for the brand to sell on its own: Pineapple. Pineapple is associated with warm weather, and much like Corona, it is affectionately known as "beach beer."

Pineapple has a nice acidity that works well with the seltzer, and it makes you feel like you're drinking a flavored seltzer rather than just another drink with bubbles. "Very pineappley, not sweet, good bubbles, solid entry for a seltzer. Would drink again," one user wrote in a review on Untappd

If the Corona Refrescas are a little too sweet for you, buy a 24 oz can of the pineapple hard seltzer and find out whether the latter is more suited to your tastes. One can will only cost you $2, so it won't be too huge a loss if you end up hating it (via Drizly). However, it's likely that once you've tried this flavor, you'll find yourself wishing you had more cans of this bright and refreshing drink.

2. Corona Refresca Passionfruit Lime

The Corona Refresca is a drink that was born to have a passionfruit flavor, so it's not shocking that it was one of the original three flavors that were debuted by the brand. This flavor of Refresca is tart, sweet, and contains the real taste of the tropics in a can. It seems to be the one flavor in the variety pack that is often consumed first because it's liked by so many people. 

This flavor is so beloved that customers took to Total Wine's website to ask the brand to bring back a pack of Corona Refresca featuring only the passionfruit flavor. The passionfruit and lime pairing is as refreshing as you can get. Also, because this isn't a seltzer, it has a fuller flavor that is reminiscent of a refreshing beach cocktail. "Best flavor for Corona Refresca. Can crush a few of these! Great for beaches, picnics and backyard bbq," one fan wrote in an Influenster review. 

1. Corona Familiar

Corona Familiar is an amazing beer that is highly underrated, both within the brand's range of drinks as well as in the mainstream beer market. If you did a blind taste test of this beer, you would never guess that it is offered by the Corona brand because it's such a deviation from the original. According to a Reddit user, this beer is better because it has less of the "skunky" flavor that is sometimes used to describe the Corona beers in clear bottles. 

Corona Familiar is full-bodied and it has a malt flavor that adds to the overall depth of flavor. It still has the essence of a bright Mexican beer, but with earthier notes that add a complexity that is unlike the more basic Corona Extra.

Other fans of Corona Familiar also are seemingly confused as to why this isn't the brand's most popular beer. "I was never really a fan of Corona until I had these," one Influenster user wrote in a review of the blend. "It has a lot more depth in flavor doesn't smell like skunk like the original Corona. It is good for making micheladas or on its own."