The Delicious Sauce You Never Thought To Add To Gnocchi

Italian cuisine has given the world some of the most delectable and flavorful foods and dishes but perhaps none as sought-after as gnocchi. Yeah, we're talking about those cute miniature pasta dumplings with a light and fluffy consistency. They're chewy and tender with just enough firmness (less than pasta and more than mashed potatoes) to complement any sauce they're being served with. Just about everyone can't get enough of delicious Italian gnocchi. 

If you want to make homemade gnocchi, it is less tricky and intimidating than it seems. Make sure you use Russet potatoes because they are more starchy and have a floury texture (via As Easy As Apple Pie). And if there isn't enough free time or you're feeling sluggish (we've all been there), even store-bought gnocchi can leave you feeling satisfied as long as you are careful not to make common mistakes

The beauty of gnocchi is that it is versatile and adapts seamlessly to numerous crave-worthy recipes. Since you can infuse it with countless flavors, you can make any meal special, filling, and immensely palatable. There are several lip-smacking gnocchi sauces for meat lovers, vegetarians, and admirers of simple sauces. But did you know that there is one delicious sauce that can help you relish this Italian comfort food at its finest?

A creamy pink tomato sauce to uplift your gnocchi

So it's time to whip up some motivation to turn soft pillows of gnocchi into a satisfying dinner. There's no denying palatable gnocchi becomes truly irresistible when paired with the right sauce. Whether it's the cheesy mushroom sauce, pesto alfredo sauce, or spicy jalapeño cream sauce, there's a special gnocchi sauce to satisfy your cravings. However, there are some individuals who haven't tried creamy pink tomato sauce for gnocchi. We have to say that they've been missing out on some goodness by not getting into this savory kind of dairy indulgence. 

It would be best to use canned tomato sauce to make this comforting and flavorful sauce with a blush pink color, but you can go with diced tomatoes, too. The easy-to-make recipe requires only a few ingredients, such as canned tomato sauce, cheese, heavy cream, garlic, and parsley (via The Spruce Eats). For a wickedly delicious twist and a cheesy boost to this yummy dish, mix the tomato sauce with the cooked gnocchi and transfer it to a baking dish. Nestle the sliced Mozzarella into the gnocchi and sprinkle over the Parmesan cheese. Bake until this hearty dish of satisfaction is golden and bubbling.