Why Reddit Has Issues With The Inconsistency Of One Starbucks Drink

If Starbucks is your go-to coffee shop, you might want to consider shaking things up with your order — we've rounded up some iced drinks on the Starbucks secret menu that you can try next. However, many coffee drinkers have a favorite order and a particular way they like drinks made. For those who love consistency, Starbucks' shaken espresso drinks might not be right for you.

On the Starbucks subreddit, a user posted a photo of their shaken espresso. In the caption, the original poster said that this order was with "VERY light half and half." However, the photo shows that the shaken espresso looks pretty milky, and the original poster said that they would be giving up on getting shaken espresso made the correct way. This post sparked a discussion in the comments section where other Redditors shared that their shaken espresso orders were also inconsistent.

One person shared, "If I'm going to sbux 90% of the time I'm ordering a variation of the shaken espresso, but ya, it often comes out looking different each time I order it." Although Starbucks announced it was adding a Toasted Vanilla Oatmilk Shaken Espresso to the menu, the Redditors' insight may be bad news. Luckily, some baristas stepped in to help customers create their ideal order.

Solutions for a more consistent shaken espresso from Starbucks baristas

In the comments section of the Reddit post, a Starbucks barista has an explanation for why the chain's shaken espressos might taste different with each order. It comes down to how complicated the drinks are and what customizations people make to their drinks. The barista commented, "Take the brown sugar oatmilk shaken espresso, the only consistent thing about it is the syrup pumps and amount of shots. but the ice will always melt differently when shaken and if there's more ice then you need to add less milk and vice versa is there's less ice which ruins the consistency."

If your issue is also too much milk in your espresso, baristas have a few suggestions in the comments on how to fix this. Solutions include asking for more ice and for the drink to be extra shaken so there's less room for milk because of the extra ice and foam. Another suggestion was to order "extra ice, no 2%, and then a light splash of half and half."

Will you try any of these hacks to get your perfect shaken espresso? If you decide you need to take matters into your own hands, make sure you've got the perfect machine to make espresso at home with one of the best espresso makers of 2022.